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Leap Year Energy

Yesterday a friend of mine asked if there was any spiritual significance to a leap year. I immediately got that there is, but I needed to meditate on it. So this is what I channeled.

Leap years serve as a year of personal and global evolution. It is a jump point. A leap year calls you to look at where you and society (as a whole) needs to expand. Personally and globally we are being called to shed an old outdated layer of ourselves and become more evolved in certain areas of our lives (where you may previously been stagnant).

Also whatever talent or skill you have that you have been protecting, shielding away, or cultivating needs to be released and shared in your social circles. Astrologically this leap year takes place where Aquarius is in the house of pluto. A house where things are hidden and Aquarius is exposing, cleansing, and revitalizing. Numerologically we are only 24 years into the new millennium. Therefore a lot of old, antiquated beliefs and systems that ruled the prior thousand year cycle are still being cleared so more updated and evolved processes can take place. This leap year adds further fuel to expedite the cleansing and the world year number of 8 adds more energy to move our global evolution along.

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