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A Mini Course in Astrology


"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do." ~ JP Morgan

Respect him or not JP Morgan had a point. People in power recognize the importance that astrology plays in their lives and use it as a planning tool. Astrology is the other metaphysical discipline (aside from numerology) that gives key insight on how something behaves and functions. Having an innerstanding of both numerology and astrology will help you better understand yourself and how life is best lived.

In the next few episodes/(section below) we will review astrology signs by element. You can use this guide for your sun, moon, and rising sign.

The sun is the more dominant sign of the astrology profile. The sun represents the father or up front parent, the conscious mind, or how you represent yourself in the world, in shamanic astrology it is the fuel you burn. The moon symbolizes the mother or the behind scene parent, the unconscious mind, and our secret desires. Your rising sign represents what you came into this world to do.


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius represent the fire signs. Fire signs are fast movers, volatile, and passionate people with an abundance of nervous energy. Fire signs need to understand the meaning of divine love, embrace compassion, and philanthropy by tuning into the needs of others, and provide love and support.

Aries (March 21st to April 20th)

The Basics - Aries have a very active brain. They seek to learn things and are always seeking and planning. They are high spirited, dynamic, volatile, courageous, witty, and potentially a very good scholar. Learning is very important to them. Their acute intuition guides them, but when living negatively they can be very reckless, headstrong, and often quite fierce.

Challenges - Aries can be extremely impatient with others. Impatience can affect their intuition and judgment. If Aries are involved with a lot of mental work they need to balance it with relaxation or physical activity. A depleted Aries is prone to headaches and recklessness. Aries have a sharp tongue and fiery temper therefore they need to think before they speak.

Life Lesson - Learn the meaning of selfless love. Compassion is a high level of universal love and it needs to be apart of every thought, word, and deed

The body - Aries tend to have big heads. Their big heads require a diet that supplies nutrients to the brain cells and ensures the nerve fluid runs properly. Aries is also ruled by the face, brain, and the blood which symbolizes energy and family.

Healing foods - An essential mineral for Aries is potassium phosphate. You can find potassium phosphate in chickpeas, wheat germ or wheat grass, or raw or unsalted nuts.

Other ideal foods for aries include celery, tomato, leeks, lemon, dates, apples, spinach, beetroot, walnuts, cauliflower, cabbage. Due to their high mental activity stimulants should be avoided.

Famous Aries - Jaynes Mansfield and Mariah Carey

Leo (July 22nd to August 22nd)

The Basics - Leos are natural leaders, alert, and sometimes aggressive as a lion. They are confident in their abilities and are generally unhappy working under authority. Leos are super affectionate and have huge reserves of energy. Many Leos tend to be emotional, reactive, and they are desire motivated people with a reputation of instability and volatility. Enlightened Leos were once the minority but as we continue in the new millennium that ratio is changing. A Leo that exercises self control, serves as a great example of someone that manages their physical and emotional body well.

Challenges - Leos can overtax their heart and nerves. Meditation or other mindfulness tools can help combat this, so budgeting daily self care in your schedule is a must. Leos are inclined to anger easily which can further deplete their nervous energy. Anger places enormous strain on the muscles of the heart.

Life Lesson - Leos strong inner drive combined with their tremendous energy adds to their impatience and can make them impatient and difficult to live with due to their frequent eruptions. Deep within is a warm compassionate person, but many are not ready to show this side until the later stages of their life. Life will be more rewarding for Leos and those they associate with, when they learn to be more compassionate in their earlier years. This is their major life lesson.

The Body - Leo’s represent the spine, thoracic vertebrae, the heart, and marrow

Healing Foods - The Essential Mineral for Leo’s is magnesium phosphate. Foods high in magnesium phosphate include pumpkin seed, chia seeds, almonds, spinach, broccoli, cashews, peanuts, soymilk, and oats. Other Ideal foods include plums, bran, cocoa, cabbage, citrus, peas, other green leafy vegs, eggs, and coconut. Leos need to avoid acid forming foods, tea, coffee, excessive rich protein food, chocolate, sweets, alcohol, and white flour.

Famous Leos - Napoleon Bonaparte and Arnold Schwarneggar

Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 22nd)

The Basics - When positive Sagittarians are cheerful and outgoing. They are good natured people who are fond of company and involved in physical activity. They don’t allow people to get close to them so they maintain personal distance with others to maintain their freedom. So it is not surprising that their independence is important to them. Their physical strength extends to different sports, they have very strong thighs and are quick on their feet. They favor travel and constant movement rather than being still and mental contemplation. Young Sags tend to shy away from responsibility but accept it more as they mature. They have a natural love of philosophy which they should develop to better understand the meaning of life. Sags have the prophetic ability to foresee certain events. This foresight sometimes materializes in dreams and doesn’t always involve them personally. If nurtured this ability can turn into a very powerful gift that can help others.

Challenges - Their need for constant change can be very taxing on their mental faculties. Concentration and patience will be weakened unless self control is developed. Self control can be achieved by creating simple yet achievable plans of action. Setting very simple achievable goals and realizing this step is necessary in their daily life and will help curtail frustration. If this frustration grows and is unchecked the Sag can oscillate between faith and doubt and exhilaration and despondency. Nervous instability can create a highly neurotic person which requires a lot of self discipline to get under control.

Life Lessons - It is essential for Sags to develop their philosophy as it can enhance their deep compassion for life. This will make them more equipped to develop an excellent level of emotional control and mental stability. It will also help with their interpersonal relationships. Their love to understand life and the meaning of things enables them to understand where others are coming from and provide valuable help to those in need.

The Body - The symbol of the Sag is the mythical creature Centaur. Key aspects of the Centaur and subsequently the Sag is the butt, thighs, hips, sciatic nerve. The sag also represents movement and coordination.

Healing Foods - The essential mineral for Sags is silica oxide.You can find silica oxide in green vegetables, strawberries, sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin, and dried figs. Other ideal food for Sags include oats, raisins, carrots, apples, leeks, cabbage, prunes, other green leafy vegs, broccoli, anticancer foods, and pomegranate.

Famous Sags - Lucky Luciano, Frank Sinatra, Pablo Escobar, NeNe Leaks, Stalin, JayZ


Taurueans, Virgos, and Capricorns represent the Earth signs. Earth signs are steady, predictable people, and they make steady predictable friends. Their life lesson is to be of service to others. This will help elevate their consciousness from the physical into the spiritual domain.

Taurus (April 21st to May 20th)

The Basics - Taurens are dominant, strong, persistent people who express themselves through movement. They are stable, solid friends and are highly reliable and predictable. Taurens are very orthodox, so it is very hard for them to accept new ideas. Taurus is all about the cerebellum. The cerebellum represents the animal brain which also stands for the unconscious mind. It also controls movement and passion as the lower brain and nerve center regulates movement. Taurus rather do than think. When things are copacetic they are slow to anger, but when they are not watch out! The out of balance bull will unleash. Taurens love comfort, financial security, and are foodies.

Challenges - Taurens need to be less impulsive and to think before they act. Stubbornness and overindulgence are emotional reactions from fear (ie. any type of change or being liked/disliked)

Life Lessons - Learn the difference between emotional reacting vs a balanced rationale reaction. Being of service to people will help to acquire mastery over their desires and emotions.

The Body - Besides the cerebellum, the key body part for Taurens is the neck. Other dominant systems of the Taruren are the throat, tonsil, cervical vertebra, and thyroid. Taurens may have large ears, a strong neck, and a powerful voice. Weight problems can also be an issue.

Diet and Essential Minerals - The go to mineral for Taurens is the cell salt sodium sulphate. Deficiencies in this mineral can lead to a pain in the neck which can sometimes affect the liver and spine. Good food for the Tauren is celery, apples, beans, lettuce, strawberries, seaweed, berries, pomegranates. Taurens should avoid sugars and fats.

Famous Taureans - Bishop Lamor Whitehead, Kandi Burruss, Robert Oppenheimer, Hitler, Bernie Madoff, Truman, Leonardo Di Vinci

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

The Basics - Virgo means pure, perfect, and impeccable. Virgos are perfectionists and channel that energy towards their health, but they do experience elimination problems. They are biased, analytical, demand accuracy and detail, and they make stable friends. They often seek to help others to improve their own lives. They have a natural healing ability but they have to work to not be overly anxious about their own health. Virgos criticize themselves more than they do others.

Challenges - Virgoes tend to be overly anxious. Anxiety can really take hold of a Virgo at the workplace. If they have a lot of responsibility they can become apprehensive about their ability. Virgos work best in an encouraging appreciating environment. They need to stay clear from perfection as it can lead to obsession. Virgos need to look out for when they become too emotional as a result of their frustration. Young Virgos may seek sex for self gratification, but this is a temporary fix. What their soul needs and is seeking is love and connection. In order to heal and find their soul purpose they should refer to their Akashic Records to find the pattern and lesson for their soul.

Life Lessons - Virgos need to be of service to mankind. This helps the Virgo acquire critical life lessons for their soul’s evolution.

The Body - Virgos rule the abdomen, small intestines, solar plexus, and the nerves. When Virgos are in a negative space the energy can be focused in their sex organs. When they are in a positive space the energy is less focused on their sex organs and more on the solar plexus region and the organs of elimination (bowels, pores, and nasal passages). Bowels are extremely important to everyone, especially the Virgo. Blocked pores can raise temperature, forcing their system to work harder to process.

Healing Foods - The go to mineral for Virgos is potassium sulphate. Foods high in potassium sulphate include celery, olives, sprouts, soy, chicory, lemon, apple, fennel, bitter greens, dates, nuts, seeds.

Famous Virgos - Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Louis XIV of France, Queen Elizabeth I, George RR Martin

Capricorn (December 23rd to January 21st)

The Basics - Capricorns are cautious. They are intensely practical and wont take risks in matters where they have huge concerns. Capricorns live their life by what is conventionally acceptable and will not go outside those lines. Caps place a high value on material security, talent, and position. Many Capricorns are the head of large established corporations, trusts, and syndicates. Children born under this sign have a very porous brain and can remember well. Caps need to focus on developing a skill after their formal academic training so their skill will not be lost. Capricorn children require a lot of peace.

Challenges - The new Aquarian age will change values in society. Many born under Capricorn feel insecure because their deep faith in materialism is being shaken. This confusion will create a necessary awakening.

Life Lessons - This sign is about service to humanity. Spiritual understanding through: church, work volunteer opportunities, service clubs, or charitable work is ideal for them. It is difficult for Capricorns to realize the limitations a material mind has. They must learn to develop sensitivity and empathy.

The Body - Caps are ruled by the skin, skeleton, knees, joints, teeth, ligaments, hair, and nails. Caps need to take care of their knees especially if they have two or more 4’s in their birth chart. Capricorns need calcium phosphate. Capricorns are prone to weakened bones, tooth decay, and excessive albumin in the urine. Deficiency of calcium phosphate can materialize as cold, tonsillitis, head/face irritations, nervousness, and lack of concentration. Watch your diet, especially a highly acidic one.

Diet and Essential Minerals - Capricorns need calcium phosphate. Their go to foods include eggs, spinach, prunes, cabbage, coconut, asparagus, strawberries, berries, citrus, salmon and sardines, other dark green leafy vegetables, and an anticancer diet.

Famous Caps - Al Capone, Elvis Presley, MLK, Gabbi Douglas, Jeff Bezos, Eartha Kitt, Tolkien


The air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are flexible, quick, and have a deep understanding of life and people. Air signs have amazing mental versatility. They are able to think on many diverse topics at the same time. The downside to this can lead to fragmentation and a depletion of their nervous energy which can make them tired to their core. The Air Signs general life lesson is community. Learning to help others will help them develop a deep philosophy of life.

Gemini (May 21st to June 20th)

The Basics - Geminis are two people in one body. One craves privacy and the other longs to socialize. Geminis are extremely sensitive and they can change their thoughts without warning. Gems can read situations well and have the gift of communication. Gems can read between sense and nonsense, truth and falsehood, reality and unreality. Geminis best communicate their ideas in writing, as they can convey their thoughts more freely than verbally.

Challenges - Geminis can confuse people and even themselves. They also can be uncertain of how to react to different situations. Gems tend to oscillate between their lower and higher selves, or their emotional and spiritual nature. They must learn how to not react to certain situations, not to be so drawn into their emotions. Until then they will find their power of concentration diminished, with an increase in uncertainty and nervousness. Rest and relaxation are prime prerequisites that keep Gem nerves under control. Gems should become involved in the arts to balance their nerves.

Life Lessons - The yearning for community is less in Geminis but more in Libras and Aquarians. Their analytical approach to life can make them appear egocentric. This can be aggravated by their verbal expression. Gems know they misrepresent themselves, but it is not intentional. They can free themself from this by seeking love within themselves, companionship and understanding.

The Body - Gems have strong shoulders, arms, and hands. They are also ruled by the lungs and nerves. Their major weakness lies in respiratory passages, with congestion a common problem. Potassium chloride is important as it is an essential blood nourisher.

Food and Essential Minerals - The go to mineral for Gem’s is potassium chloride. You can find this in green leafy vegetables, fruit, beans, and nuts. Lettuce, pineapple, apricot, peach, sprouts, beans, figs, root vegetables, eggs, and other Aries food work for Gems too.

Famous Gemini’s - Bob Dylan, Christopher Wallace, JFK, Aly Reisman, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac, Josephine Baker, Queen Victoria, Michael Franzese, John Dillenger

Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

The Basics - Libras have a strong desire for balance. They are very affectionate people with an intense desire to live in peace and harmony, and they bring that energy wherever they go. They lose interest with dishonest people in public office, they find it impossible to excuse any form of hypocrisy, meanness, or shallowness. Not surprisingly they have an extreme disdain for violence and bloodshed. Libras also see beauty in nature. Libras are blessed with highly perceptive insight and a keen sense of justice. They tend to be very frank which isn't done to harm but to correct anything outside the appropriate order of things.

Challenges - Libras are naturally peaceful, gentle and affectionate people. Negative Libras express themselves in an emotional turbulent, reckless, and aggressive manner. They can be sexually excessive when their health is unsettled. They also can be tense, excitable, aggressive, or even suicidal in their confusion. More often than not their disharmony can be connected with their diet.

Life Lessons - Libras are rarely content to pass through life without a marriage partner, as it is essential for their balance. A partner serves to supply a counterbalance for the other’s limitations.

The Body - Libras are ruled by the small of their back, kidneys, ureters, bladder, and ovaries. Foul breath, pimples, skin irritations, frontal headaches, scabby ears, etc can be a problem. As a child they may have been prone to grinding their teeth if their upper gastrointestinal tract was too acidic.

Healing Foods - Libras need to stay away from highly acidic foods and utilize sodium phosphate. Sodium phosphate restores the body’s chemical balance with its strong alkanity. Fresh fruit and salads are key. Other food sources are water, celery, apple, spinach, radish, corn, beans, berries, almonds, strawberry, raisins, and other Taurean foods.

Famous Libras - Dwight D. Eisenhower, Christine Quinn, and Eminem

Aquarius (January 22nd to February 20th)

The Basics - Aquarians focus on quality of life and work for the betterment of all living creatures - humanity in particular. They make excellent teachers. They must study life in all of its grandeur. They can study science, philosophy, religion, mathematics, and anything related to the creation of life. Every Aquarian has an interest in metaphysical concepts, which is only now gaining attention with the Great Awakening. Aquarians are seekers of esoteric knowledge, they can take advantage of the information being widely accepted and sought after.

Challenges - Aquarians have an intense dislike of deception and hypocrisy and may overreact against people who commit such offenses. They must take into account the lessons that these unsavory situations bring and must realize that karma settles all outstanding debts. Aquarians need to be ready to offer compassion, guidance, and brotherly love. They suffer from tensions, which can result in headaches or impaired blood circulation, depression and constant tiredness. Their sensitivity is intended to facilitate the understanding of life (physically and metaphysically). They must learn to protect themselves from those who wish to waste their vital energy or exploit their powers.

Life Lessons - They must build a strong bond in their community that unites all of humankind in tolerance and respect for the individual. The foundation of evolving is an understanding of how we are all connected. The new age is based on harmonizing individual personalities for the upliftment of all.

The Body - Aquarians power lies in their mental and spiritual plane, not in the physical. Aquarians are ruled by ankles, calves, nerve impulses, and venous circulation. Special care should be given to their ankles, calves, and neck. They should avoid skiing, football, and other sports or activities. They tend to have a slender neck, which can lead to them having tension in that area. It is a must that Aquarians have a reliable chiropractor.

Healing Foods - Aquarians need sodium chloride (not sea salt or table salt). They should eat dried figs, raisins and sultanas. Other helpful foods include but are not limited too: celery, apples, spinach, lentils, almonds, berries, coconut, oily fish, eggs and Taurean food.

Famous Aquarians - Bob Marley, Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, Elizabeth Holmes, Toni Morrison, Griselda Blanco


Water signs are the most peaceful people...most of the time. They are quiet and restful people whose presence brings comfort. At times they can be very emotional and lose control of their feelings. They must protect themselves against this tendency as it goes against their peaceful nature.

Cancer (June 21st to July 21st)

The Basics - Cancers are persistent, prudent, and cautious, with a deep sensitivity and a tender nature. Their love for children is satisfied by producing large families, as their robust reproductive organs can handle them. They have a fondness for collecting things, of which they have no immediate use or prospect of use. They have a good memory and strive to retain this important attribute. They are also natural healers.

Challenges - Cancers risk the decline of their strengths by becoming victims of their own emotions. This manifests itself as nervous outbursts and moodiness which can create a considerable drain on their energy reserves. As a child they needed to gain confidence in themselves, their feelings, and not to react emotionally to the thoughtless actions of less sensitive people. If their parents do not train them as a child to be confident in themselves and their feelings, then they run the risk of being reclusive and shy, especially if they have the arrow of hypersensitivity (no numbers in the middle row/soul plane). Fear of financial security is also a great source of worry for many Cancers. Mental imbalance can persist if their emotions are unchecked.

Life Lessons - Use the mind to attain a degree of emotional control. Cancers need to conserve nervous energy to achieve the most precious of all possessions - inner peace. They need to channel their sensitivities into avenues of healing and human welfare.

The Body - Cancers are ruled by the breasts, stomach, uterus, and digestion. Diet is important as Cancers do not have strong stomachs.

Food and Essential Minerals - The go to mineral is calcium fluoride and the ideal foods for cancerians are eggs, prunes, rye, salads, leeks, raisins, dairy, citrus, onions, grapes, cabbage, and shellfish.

Famous Cancerians - Elon Mush, Chrishell Straus, Michael Phelps, Frida Khalo, Princess Diana, Nikols Tesla

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd)

The Basics - This sign is related to the reproductive organs. Much of the motivation of a scorpio is related to sex and secrecy. Men tend to be more sexually oriented. On the other hand, women are more able to contain their emotions and to direct their energies into healing and creativity. Both sexes hide their turbulent emotions beneath a facade of calmness and are skillful with their hands. Scorpios make great healers, chiropractors, osteopaths, surgeons, and general medicine practitioners.

Challenges - Scorpios must protect themselves from losing control of their feelings and becoming negatively emotional. Women are more capable of controlling their emotions in early life than Scorpio men. Both can achieve mastery during their later years of life. This mastery will be achieved through emotional lessons involving the heart. These lessons are required for their spiritual growth. During their emotional adolescence they can become quite bitter, cruel, unreliable, and erratic. If Scorpio men place too much emphasis on sex, nervous energy can become seriously depleted.

Life Lesson - Scorpios have the most difficult lesson of attaining peace through mastery of their passions and the positive direction of kundalini energy. This sign is for personal karma development and bringing about harmony to mankind.

The Body - Scorpios are ruled by the large intestines, bladder, sweat glands, and genitals. Negative living can affect reproductive organs (very sensitive to Scorpio). They must learn that this region of the body is intended primarily for procreating and expressing love between two people. When a Scorpio is in an excess of sex or lack of, their Kundalini draws heavily on the blood’s vitality. Calcium sulfate can help with this depletion. Enlightened Scorpios should not get too absorbed in creativity. It could drain your nervous energy. Depleted calcium phosphate can result in burning sensations in the feet, anus, stomach, throat or mouth.

Healing Foods - The essential mineral for calcium sulfate . Nourishing foods for scorpios are cherries, citrus, fiber, cabbage, prunes, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, anti cancer foods, and pomegranate. Scorpios should avoid anything in excess.

Famous Scorpios - Bill Gates, Nadia Comanenci, Kerri Strug, Dominique Dawes, Pablo Picasso, Teddy Roosevelt, John Gotti

Pisces February 21st to March 20th

The Basics - Pisces are the sweetest, kindest people on Earth. They have a special talent for helping those in need. Pisces are very responsive to environmental influences and therefore shouldn’t expose themselves to hostile conditions. They are loyal, trustworthy, and generous people, but they shouldn’t assume that everyone is that way. They make ideal healers, as their presence alone provides comfort. However they are needed (be it physically, emotionally, or intuitively), they provide the help where it is most needed. They must learn to be a better judge of situations where people really need you vs they want you to do the work for them because it’s the easy way out.

Challenges - A Piscean's inability to judge someone’s character will be learned the hard way. Until they develop a little more confidence, they can become prone to overanxiety. No matter how much they do, they can get in trouble with their own thoughts of ‘not doing enough’. They need to secure training in healing or they can be distant or suffer mental issues.

Life Lessons - Pisceans need peace. They teach the world peace through understanding and trust. They are here to bring peace to those who are sick (be it physically or mentally), whose illnesses have hindered their spiritual growth and development.

The Body - Pisces are ruled by the feet, toes, body fluids, immune, and lymph. Their bodily extremities are important. They have healing hands but weak feet. Feet issues can manifest as strains, sprains, fallen arches, etc. Ferric Iron Phosphate can help. Deficiency in this mineral can manifest emotionally as depression, bleeding, inflammatory pains, and congestion. They are also prone to being anemic.

Healing Foods - The mineral for Pisceans is iron phosphate. The ideal Piscean foods are fruit, spinach, protein foods, almonds, beans, dates, leafy greens, nuts, root vegetables, oats, and chia seeds.

Famous Pisces - Michelangelo, Simone Biles, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, George Washington

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