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A Mini Course in Numerology

We Live in a Mathematically Based Universe

On January 1st, 2000 we didn't just change a year, decade, or century; but we entered a new millennium! The significance of starting a new thousand year cycle is profound; as the energy that governed the past will be vastly different for our present and future.

Numerology is one of the metaphysical tools that shows how something behaves, highlights its strengths and weaknesses, and it can even aid in your decision making year after year. In the next sections/ three episodes we will review key components of numerology (the meaning of numbers, birth charts, and ruling numbers) so you can gain a better understanding of yourself and other important people in your life.

The Meaning of Numbers

The following is a general meaning of the numbers in your birthdate. For each number there is a sweet spot for repeating numbers in your birth chart. For instance, if you have the number one in your birth chart the optimal number of ones in your birth date is 2 or three 1’s. Any more or less can present challenges.

  • #1 - One is the foundation of your personality. It represents how something is expressed or suppressed. The sweet spot is two or three ones. Two ones have a balanced expression and can see both sides of an argument. People with three ones can be either chatterboxes who bring a high level of energy wherever they go or they are shy but express themselves well through writing. People with one one or 4 or more ones in their birth chart may have a harder time expressing themselves.

  • #2 - Two is all about intuition. This will be key for this millennium as children born in the 21st century are bringing in a higher set of intuitive skills. Other key vibrations of the two include sensitivity and feeling. The sweet spot is 2 twos. If someone has more than two 2’s in their birth date they can be hypersensitive. One 2 in a birth chart can represent a difficulty in expressing yourself.

  • #3 - Three is all about the memory. Three also represents the triangle of mind, body, and soul. The sweet spot is one 3. The more three’s, the more antisocial, aloof you can be, and it can be hard to trust others. People with a lot of threes in their birthday may look for drugs or dopamine like fixes to relax and destress

  • #4 - Four represents method and practicality. These are tidy, organized, and practical people. The sweet spot is one four. The more fours on the chart, the more materialistic one can be, and balance needs to be exercised when picking friends.

  • #5 - Five represents the human heart. As you will see in the next section/episode it is the center of the birth chart and is connected to every number on the chart. Five also represents love and freedom of expression. The sweet spot is one 5. It represents a balanced personality and emotional control. The more 5’s in the birth chart increases the intensity of the person which can translate into physical issues like ulcers and other ailments in the solar plexus or stomach area.

  • #6 - Six represents creation, destruction, and the home. In the birth chart it is the center of the mind plane. The sweet spot is one 6. Six is all about the love of home and all things domestic, but too much focus on the home can be a distraction from your true purpose. The more 6’s in the birth chart the greater a person is prone to worry.

  • #7 - Seven is all about learning the hard way or learning through life experiences. No sevens means you evolved from having to learn this way. A seven in your birth chart means you will experience sacrifice in love, health, and/or finances. The more sevens; the more areas you will experience sacrifice.

  • #8 - Eight is a double four. Eights are very practical and organized. Eight also highlights wisdom and independence. When positive, 8’s are methodical and meticulous. On the flip side, they can be highly unstable, reactive, and restless. The more 8’s increases the positive and negative aspects of this number

  • #9 - Nine represents war and prosperity. One 9 is the sweet spot. It is the balance of three principles: responsibility, idealism, and ambition. The more 9’s the more philosophical, idealistic, ungrounded, or unrealistic the person can be.

How to Construct Your Own Birth Chart

Step 1

Make a tic tac toe chart.

Step 2

Place the numbers on a birth chart. 1 is in the bottom left column, 2 is the in center left column, 3 is in the top left corner, 4 is in the bottom middle column, 5 is in the center middle column, 6 is in top middle column, 7 is in the bottom right column, 8 is in the middle right column, 9 is in the top right column. Please note no one in our lifetime will have all of spaces filled out.

Step 3

Identify three empty or filled rows in a chart (like a tic tac toe chart).

Step 4

(If applicable) Highlight any areas where there are three empty spaces or three filled spaces in a row

If you have three numbers in a row (straight, horizontal, or diagonal) that is called an arrow of strength. If you are missing three numbers in a row (straight, horizontal, or diagonal) that is called an arrow of weakness. Having arrows of strength or weakness does not mean that your life is predestined for greatness or disaster, it just highlights your natural gifts and challenges.

Arrows of Strength and Weakness



Arrow of Determination (1,5, 9 in Birthdate)

As the name implies, everything that you commit to is driven by your determination, especially when it's paired with your persistence. You should pair your determination with your intuition, compassion, and wisdom.

If there are no double numbers your determination is focused on the number 9. Nine represents idealism or ambition. Someone with two fives in their birth date is focused on compassion or emotional freedom. A person with two one’s expresses their self determination through their ego.

Children with this arrow are very strong and sure of their decisions

Famous Determinators - Elvis Presley, MLK, Bob Dylan, Christopher Wallace, JFK, Queen Victoria,Michael Franzese, Napoleon Bonaparte, Steve Jobs, Frank Sinatra, Bill Gates, Kandi Burruss, Michael Jackson, Michael Phelps, Louis IV King of France, Gabby Douglas, Aly Reisman, Queen Elizabeth I, Angelina Jolie, Bob Marley, Griselda Blanco

Arrow of Procrastination (Missing 1,5,9 in Birthdate)

No one in the 20th century has this arrow, but it will show up more with those born in the 21st century. This arrow separates the intuitive self from the practical self. As the name of this arrow suggests, there will be a severe lack of motivation for individuals with this arrow. This trait in children needs to be handled before it gets out of hand. Parents or caretakers need to hone in on children’s interests and cultivate it from there.


Arrow of Spirituality (3,5 7 in Birthdate)

3, 5, and 7 are the most powerful numbers on each row of the birth chart. Having this arrow sets the foundation for a person to have a deep spiritual awareness, which will help them have a balanced spiritual life. People with this arrow usually bring a peaceful energy wherever they go. They prefer not to take the advice of others and they focus on doing and not necessarily the philosophy. People born in the 20th century also have the arrow of determination.

Children - Have a naive trust in people. They possess a deep wanting for justice. Children with this arrow should be encouraged to learn about different religions and philosophies through books or other reliable sources.

Famous Arrows of Spirituality - Queen Elizabeth I and Michelangelo

Arrow of the Enquirer (Missing 3,5, and 7 in Birthdate)

People with this arrow can be skeptics to anything new. However, once they do their research and if they find it to be true they accept the idea. Many scientists have this arrow. Enquirers can be prone to worry which can lead to headaches and other nerve issues. This nervous energy can result in accidents involving the head. To counteract this nervousness, focus on a creative passion with your hands, such as writing, art, design, or crafting.

Children can be moody and inward to recover from their mental and emotional imbalance. It is highly encouraged that their artistic interests are pursued.

Famous Enquiers - Jeff Bezos, Marilyn Monroe, Dwight Eisenhower, Christine Quinn, Pablo Escobar, Jay Z, Nadia Comanenci, Robert Oppenheimer, Hitler, GRR Martin, Beyonce, Abraham Lincoln, Rihanna



Arrow of Intellect (3,6,9 in Birthdate)

People with this arrow are bright, active, and alert. They are all about the intellectual pursuits and not necessarily the physical aspect. Their brains are highly active and if they do not become a victim to laziness they have excellent memories too. A mid-life crisis may occur which can deplete their energy. They tend to have more responsibility than most and are generally happy about it. All of this mental activity makes rest, especially of the mind, essential.

Children - Children with this arrow are at the top of their class, especially in science and math. Stuttering can occur if their brains are moving faster than their mouths, physical activity can help balance this out. They are good detectors of honesty and deception and will withdraw from liars.

Famous Intellectuals - Michael Phelps, King Louis IV of France, Mariah Carey, Nene Leakes

Arrow of Poor Memory (Missing 3, 6, 9 in Birthdate)

Anyone with this arrow needs to work hard to keep their memory active and use it throughout their life or it will fade. If not problems can start to arise in their 30’s and their memory can drastically fade.

Children - Children need special training in their formative years. Children must be trained with the power of concentration which is vital for memory development. Having a child in the arts will help a great deal. Children with this arrow SHOULD NOT START SCHOOL UNTIL 5 OR 6. Their academic training should not begin until the age of 7. They can be prone to migraines if they are forced to go at the scholastic pace. These kids much prefer nature to science.

Famous Poor Memory - Truman, Pablo Picasso, Teddy Roosevelt, Leonardo Di Vinci, Stalin

Numbers 2,5,8

Arrow of Emotional Balance (2,5,8 in Birthdate)

People with this arrow have a natural balance in their emotional life. They have a sensitive nature and are naturally intuitive. They seek bright happy company and light entertainment so they do not become too serious and withdrawn. People with this arrow make excellent actors but even if they are not on stage or in front of a camera; they will play many roles in their life.

Children- A child with this arrow needs support to balance their emotions. They do not like emotional conflicts, their need to avoid discord could cause them to lag behind in school and impair their health.

Famous Emotional Balancers - Pablo Picasso, Teddy Roosevelt, Michael Jackson, Cristian Rinaoldo

Arrow of Hypersensitivity (Missing 2,5,8 in Birthdate)

The Hypersensitives lack strong soul protection and their sensitivity makes them vulnerable to the outside world. They are easily hurt, offended, and upset. Naturally this can make you introverted and shy. This arrow can also lead to an inferiority complex. In order to protect themselves, they can go into attack mode, especially if they have the arrow of intellect (a 3,6, or 9 in their birthdate) or a ruling number of seven. Although they have a deeply loving nature, their tendency to react can lead them to having a tough outer shell. This can prevent their true side from showing. Key life lessons: choose your battles, learn how to react to conflict, and stay out of the victim mentality.

Famous Hypersensitives - Simone Biles, Kerri Strug, Josephine Baker, Jayne Mansfield, Frida Khalo, Princess Diana, Arnold Schwarneggar, Tupac


Arrow of Practicality (1,4,7 in Birthdate)

If you have this arrow you are one of the doers of the world. You are great with your hands, but need direction to use your talents wisely, because you tend to do them without thinking them through. If you have a ruling number of 4,7, or 10 your focus on material things will be further compounded. But if your ruling number is on the soul plane (2,5,8,11,22) you can rise above your materialistic tendency. You have to work on not being too materialistic as you can develop harshness and cruelty.

Children - Children with this number love to share things. They need to appreciate the important things in life like nature, farming, planets, etc. They should not be forced to do anything they strongly object to and they need not be around people with disruptive behaviors as their energy is highly transferable.

Famous Practical Folks - Michelangelo, Arnold Schwarneggar, Einstein, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti

Arrow of Disorder (Missing 1,4,7 in Birthdate)

People with this arrow can have a severe handicap to achieve any measure of happiness in their life. Strengths in the soul plane can only lead to them having a happy life in theory alone. They need to see their thoughts materialize. So setting small achievable goals is key for achieving confidence and success.

Children - A child with this arrow needs to be taught tidiness and how to be practical as soon as they can walk. Games and activities will help them, especially non competitive sports (heavy emphasis on non competitive).



Arrow of the Planner (1,2,3 in Birthdate)

This is a very common arrow with people born in the 20th and 21st century. People with this arrow are all about order, method, and understanding. You do need to take care of subtle details as you might mistake it for being unimportant. You can also be prone to laziness.

Children - Children are happiest organizing for their friends and family. Parents with different plans for their kids need to practice patience and understanding. Children with this arrow can be inclined to be detached and take much for granted. They can also be ignorant towards the needs of others. Children with this arrow should learn not to bully or threaten them but learn to respect the ideas, habits, and passions of others. They have a trusting gentle nature and can be slow to realize when wrongs are being committed against them. Physical activity is a must, go out in nature, and read books. A budget of electronic usage needs to be created.

Famous Planners - Toni Morrison, Tolkien, George Washington, Mariah Carey, NeNe, Griselda Blanco, John Dillenger, Elizabeth Holmes, Bernie Madoff


Arrow of Will (4,5,6 in Birthdate)

This arrow symbolizes the human spine and the life force that flows through it. Anyone born from 1889 through 1999 with this arrow will also have the arrow of determination and will be highly dynamic. Your will and determination is so strong that you do not take the advice of others and rarely listen to your intuition.

Children - Children need to learn to accept other people’s point of views and accept guidance when it is offered. Unless guided by a patient and loving caretaker they suffered being obnoxious and stubborn. Children with this arrow should not be bribed by caretakers to get what they want.

Famous Willers - William Shakespeare, Leonardo Di Vinci, Bob Marley, Angeline Jolie,

Arrow of Frustration (No 4,5,6 in Birth Chart)

The Basics - People with this arrow tend to come from broken homes, unhappy relationships, and intense personal confusion. They can suffer from unfilled expectations and can expect more from others that they are expected to give. They need to see people for who they are and accept them as is, in order to manage their expectations. It is important that they reframe any unfavorable experiences in life such as losses, separation, and disillusionment as important steps in their spiritual growth. The more they are aware of this, their disappointment in others will diminish and eventually disappear as they mature in wisdom. If not they can be highly depressed.

Children - Parents need to teach children to allow people to be themselves and to know that others will not do what you want them to do when YOU want to.

Famous Frustuators - Abraham Lincoln, Rihanna, Chrishell Straus, Al Capone, Eartha Kitt, Eminem, Kerri Strug, Toni Morrison, Tolkien, George Washington, The Twindler Swindler (Simon Levieve)


Arrow of Activity (9,8,7 in Birth Chart)

People with this arrow can be hyper and highly expressive. At times they can be extremely nervous which may translate into physical issues such as asthma, digestion, headaches, heart, or circulatory issues. They are happiest in nature and are not city people. For optimal health they need nature, gardening, farming, open air, sports, good food, friends, and nature.

Childhood - As children, they were sensitive to loud levels of noise. They demand peace, love, and harmony in all that they do. They were happiest when they ate, slept, and played outdoors. They require plenty of sleep and a tensionless home environment as a non loving environment was not conducive to their well being.

Famous Arrows of Activity - Elon Musk, Bishop Lamar Whitehead, Chrishell Straus, Al Capone, Simone Biles, Albert Einstein, Lucky Luciano

Arrow of Passivity (No 9,8,7 in Birth Chart)

People with this arrow are the thinkers, planners, and the “behind the scenes guides” of the new millennium. However, they will not be achievers unless they learn how to persevere. Passive folks represent a world with less war and human turmoil. They demand to live a life of harmony and peaceful co-existence. This arrow doesn’t necessarily correlate to being inactive, but they do need physical activity to combat laziness.

Childhood - Children need a sport or something physical.

Famous Passive Peeps - Leonardo Di Vinci

Birth Chart with No Arrows

Someone with no arrows needs to devote more time and perseverance into the development of their strengths then what they may do otherwise. They fit into most social and vocational settings, but they need to learn to be more proactive.

Childhood - Children are easy going and happy in life. Parents must learn not to take children with no arrows for granted. Children must learn to go after the things they want and be more assertive.

Famous No Arrows - Mozart, Nikola Tesla, and Dominique Dawes


  1. How to calculate it

  2. The Basics

  3. Challenges

  4. Life Lessons

  5. Careers

  6. Famous People

In Numerology if you want a basic understanding of someone’s personality, then knowing your ruling number is the way to go. It is the equivalent to your sun sign in Astrology. Just like in Astrology there are other planets or in this case numerological aspects that can describe who you are. But when it comes to the ruling number this gives you a good base. Ruling numbers range from 2 through 11. There is also the ultra rare 22. To calculate your ruling number, take all the numbers in your birth date and get them down to a single or double digit (10,11, or 22). Let's use Rihanna’s birth date as an example 2/20/1988. The month of February is already a single digit so we will leave that as is. Next the 20 becomes a 2. Then we take her year of birth (1988) and add all the numbers until they are down to 1 digit (1+9+8+8 = 26 - 2+6= 8) Finally we add the numbers from the month, day, and year together. 2 + 2+ 8 = 12 - 1 + 2 = 3 So Rihanna’s ruling number is a 3. We will get to the meaning of that as well as the others in the next section (or in a few). In each episode we will cover the basics, challenges, life lessons, careers, and famous people that share the ruling number.

The meanings of the ruling number will sound familiar as they carry the same energy as the numbers we discussed in the previous/section.

Ruling Number 2

General Meaning - Ruling 2’s are all about their intuition. In addition to being highly sensitive; twos are compassionate, reliable, diligent, unassuming, and supportive people. Ruling number twos are not motivated by their ego. Generally they are not leaders but work well under dynamic leaders. When it comes to work, twos need to be in an environment where their working skills are appreciated. Their loyalty and intuition naturally compliments their work environment.

Challenges - Stay away from the over consumption of material goods and the rationalizing of your thoughts. In other words, rely on your intuition.

Life Lesson - Use your intuition to develop your self confidence, pick your support team wisely, and develop your mental abilities (memory, listening, and critical thinking).

Careers - Personal Assistants, administrators, diplomats. On the other end they are highly artistic and make great painters, musicians, songwriters, and dancers.

Famous 2’s - Kanye West

Ruling Number 3

The Basics - Number 3 is all about the mind. Ruling Number three’s are thinkers, planners, analyzers, and memorizers. They use their mental strength to understand life and develop their personality. Their active brain, sense of humor, and general mental alertness contribute to a successful working and social life. They enjoy entertaining, being the life of the party, they also have an intelligent sense of humor; however they can experience marriage problems.

Three’s can be overly critical. As such they can wear people down that are closest to them, especially their spouse. Threes enjoy helping people as long as the three and the recipient clique on a mental level and the receiver is willing to cooperate.

Challenges - Three’s can be arrogant, impatient, and lack understanding of those who are not blessed with their same mental faculties.

Life Lesson - Learn to be sensitive to others needs. Recognize life as a continuous lesson. This reframe will help when something unfavorable happens, by keeping you out of victim mode, and seeing that things happen for a benefit to evolve the mind, body, and soul.

Career - Threes need a job that uses their brain. So anything in academia, accountancy, business analysts/management, sciences, researchers, and creating their own empire

Famous 3’s - Queen Victoria, Michael Franzese, Rihanna, Jayne Mansfield, Frida Khalo, NeNe Leakes

Ruling Number 4

The Basics - Fours are the Doers of the world. Fours gravitate towards the practical and conventional side of life. They also can be materialistic. They are interested in sports and are very capable with their hands. As they mature they adopt more of the organizational aspect of their ruling number which further helps evolve their love, awareness, and wisdom. They are extremely patient but when it comes to spirituality and intellect not so much.

Challenges - They can be consumed by their work and must be aware of other aspects of their life.

Life Lesson - Fours need to relax and develop their intuition, as well as other mental faculties. Their mental abilities can be trained with memory games, understanding principles, systems, or learning a new mental skill.

Career - Professional athletes, tradespeople, technicians, medical doctors, chiropractors, farmers, and horticulturists. Many teachers in the fitness industry have this number too.

Famous 4’s - Gabby Douglas, Nadia Comaenci, Robert Oppenheimer, Leonardo Di Vinci

Ruling Number 5

General Meaning - Fivers are about freedom and love. They are highly intuitive with deep feelings and they have an artistic side. When they are free they are lively, but when restricted they are sullen, moody and apathetic. A traditional 9 to 5 is not for them, as the rules and restrictions make them ill. Travel is a good vehicle for their freedom. They need to be free from restrictions in the arts and use their talents to create what they may.

Five is in the middle of the birth chart and it is the heart of the birth chart. The heart is all about love. So the fiverr is love motivated and love appreciated.

Challenges - Some fivers may be tempted to take employment in illegal arenas because of their desire to be free. If they are working in Corporate America, they must take it as a lesson of patience, self control, and discipline. If they are not aware or do not review the fine print, they can make a poor business professionals. Nature is their healer and they need it to reset.

Life Lessons - Fiverrs must see the lesson in being restricted and develop more attention to detail

Careers - Suitable career choices include anything in the entrepreneurial or creative realm like travel creatives, salespeople, freelancers, writers, technology, real estate agents, actors, or anything in hospitality.

Famous Fivers - Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Beyonce, JayZ, Michael Phelps, Angelina Jolie, King Louis XIV, Chrstine Quinn, Bishop Lamor Whitehead, John Dillenger, and Hitler

Ruling Number 6

General Meaning - When their energy is positive your creation abilities are off the charts. When you are in a negative place; worry and anxiety rule you. Sixers excel in a lot of areas from the home and the stage. They have a deep responsibility in life, but they can succumb to a web of stress. The lesson is to master these challenges with ease and grace and a greater capacity for care, instead of letting the situation control them.

Sixers excel in positions where there is trust, creativity, and a deep sense of caring responsibility. Their home is the most important place, but they must work to not be overly stressed by their environment. They are natural born humanitarians and dislike injustices of any kind.

Challenges - They can worry so much that they develop a psychosis. They can be a whiner and fault finder.

Life Lessons - No matter what the obstacles are, a positive outlook will help them navigate life challenges. Learn the difference between a mountain vs a mole hill and use the best energy you have at your ready to overcome any obstacle.

Careers - Any job where you can put your energy that is for the positive advancement of humankind, such as inventing, healing, artistry, and design.

Famous Sixers - Albert Einstein, Dwight Eisenhower, Tolkein, George RR Martin, Jeff Bezos, Michael Jackson, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti,

Ruling Number 7

General Meaning - Sevens are all about learning the hard way. Through their self sacrifice they will help themselves and others evolve by teaching and sharing their story. Before they incarnated they chose this ruling number as a way to evolve and take a major step forward with their spiritual journey.

There is a lot of growth by learning through personal experiences. These learning lessons will include sacrifice of health, love, and money. As such they make excellent teachers and a helper of mankind.

Challenges - Sevens are not the best judge of character and do not possess a sound business understanding, but self discipline can help them overcome. Because sevens do not accept advice or instruction well, they can be slow learners.

Life Lessons -Many can appear to lead sad lives, especially when they do not learn from their earlier experiences. Not learning the first time will lead to deeper sacrifices until the lesson is learned. The loss of health, love, and/or money will lead to a deep understanding of life that will help them avoid and repeat more tough lessons. Sevens also do not take advice. They rather give it than be taught.

Careers - Working in the legal field is best. Sevens are also good with sharp instruments and make good surgeons, butchers, or carpenters.

Famous 7’s - Harry Truman, JFK, Josephine Baker, Marilyn Monroe, Toni Morrison, Princess Diana, Simone Biles, Elon Musk, Griselda Blanco

Ruling Number 8

The Basics - Independence is very important to eighters. They have a lot of compassion and have a tenderness for the sick and helpless. They do not have the energy for dependent people as it hampers their independence. They are feeling people who often hide their sensitivities until they become mature enough to express them. They are independent and dependable with a self confident manner. They excel in positions of seniority and they look out for the helpless.

Challenges - They can form resentment with any interference with their plans. They need guidance with raising children and have difficulty with their relationships as they tend to hold their feelings.

Life Lessons - Ruling 8’s need to learn to express their feelings more fluently. As a result their happiness and personal security will improve. Appreciation, expressed in the first person, is a good way to express their deep feelings. Their wisdom and maturity will be enhanced through travel which they love.

Careers - Ruling eights head large businesses, can be senior executives of companies, or lead important groups, or movements.

Famous Eighters - Michelangelo, Bob Dylan, Aly Reisman, Pablo Picasso, Wayne Gretsky

Ruling Number 9

General Meaning - Nine’s are extremely responsible, honest, idealistic, natural born humanitarians, ambitious, and very serious about life. They put people before things. Their powerful mind number implies constant responsibility. Their purpose in life is to learn to translate the idealistic into the practical. They need to serve humanity and improve human life. They are ambitious, but more concerned with the overall plan than the details.

Challenges - If not living authentically they can become a hypocrite or scammer.

Life Lessons - Ruling nines are so honest that they expect everyone else to be, as this is their natural quality. As such they can be a bad judge of character. Use intuitive techniques to properly read people which will further develop your intuition and wisdom. Developing patience and persistence is a must.

Careers- Not suited as business executives, better suited for religious spiritual jobs, welfare organizations, education institutions, research facilities, crime solving, and counselors (in the healing profession too)

Famous Niners - Al Capone, Elvis Presely, Christopher Wallace, Kandi Burruss, Bob Marley, Pablo Escobar, Kerri Strug, Dominique Dawes, Elizabeth Holmes, and Bernie Madoff

Ruling Number 10

The Basics - Ruling 10’s are confident, debonair, bright, and happy people, with a sensitive touch and an amazing ability to sell. Tens oscillate between two sides, from very likable to lost, floundering, and insecure when negativity takes over. They have the potential for amazing success or they can dwell in negativity. They are very adaptable and can fit into different vocations or situations. Tens are so adaptable and flexible which makes them very popular that they have difficulty figuring out why others are not as happy and well adjusted.

When tens are free to express themselves they really know how to enjoy life, but when they're suppressed they can become despondent without knowing why. They do not really dig deep and deal with surface level pleasures in life . Some ruling 10’s, will become successful in their profession but are not successful at solving mental problems.

Challenges - Tens must avoid being lazy and expecting life to be one big party. They need to develop self discipline to avoid sadness and emotional security.

Life Lessons - Tens can get lost in conformity and expect mediocrity to be the norm. They need to practice mindfulness to get in touch with their inner strength and learn to discriminate between important and unimportant aspects of their life.

Career - Salespeople, politicians, charity fundraisers, business executives, sales planners, town planners, architects, and real estate agents.

Famous tens - MLK, Steve Jobs, Eartha Kitt, Eminem, Nikola Tesla, Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Elizabeth I, George Washington, and Mariah Carey

Ruling Number 11

General Meaning - Elevens are here to help guide humanity into a new age of awareness. As such they have a huge responsibility in this lifetime. Unfortunately, some do not heed their calling through life distractions. They are lovers of refinement, beauty, and cultural values of life. They need to learn how to realistically bring their ideas into reality. They have two extremes: when positive they use their exceptional spiritual gifts; on the other end if they are negative life appears difficult and colorless.

Challenges - If steered off their path they can become lost and apathetic finding solace in the material world. They must be firm in who they are and stand by their decisions.

Life Lessons - The best way to express themselves is to find a career that allows them to grow spiritually and that also speaks to their sensitivities. But with all that being said, they need to be paid. Learn the most practical way to express your spirituality, that is guided by your intuition and not your base desires.

Best Careers - Personal growth instructors, educators, social workers, religious leaders, designers, influencers, or holistic doctors.

Famous 11’s - Chrishell Straus, Mozart, and David Beckham

Ruling Number 22/4

General Meaning - This is a master number and very rare, only 1% to 2% of the population have this number. People with a 22 ruling number have an almost limitless potential and make their mark in the world by achieving seemingly impossible goals. They have the most responsibility to humanity. They are self confident, highly intuitive, sensitive, and have an intense concern for human welfare, but they keep a tight rein on their emotions (which is fundamental to their purpose). They need to take care to not be too ruthless in pursuit of their goals.

There are two different types of 22's: the aware and unaware. The aware benefit from a successful mastery of life, whereas the unaware move into a lazy indifference, becoming useless misfits, with many going into mental institutions.

In order for 22’s to thrive they need a top notch education. They are very sensitive, highly intuitive people who combine the powerful spirituality of the double 11 and the practicality of the number 4. You rarely fail to accept the challenge, especially if it involves human welfare. They may be in some of the most difficult and seemingly dangerous environments, but are usually cool and careful in their execution.

Challenges - If they do not recognize their gifts they can be drawn into materialism. They can become misfits and obsessed with money. When 22’s are negative they can become the most depressed and may need rehabilitation. They need to balance work and pleasure. Their career and ambition often causes them to be obsessed to the detriment of quality time to those they are closest to. Their development can come through artistic or creative means and they need to understand that they are never too old to learn.

Life Lessons - When 22’s are living positively they are at the center. A ruling 22’s personal enlightenment journey will help guide others. Traditionally 22’s have been behind the scenes but as time passes, they are coming more into the spotlight to help guide others into this intuitive age.

Best Careers - 22’s are leaders in basically any business or cultural organization. They excel wherever they put their energy towards.

Famous 22’s - Bill Gates, Frank Sinatra, Arnold Schwarneggar, and Tupac


While I was doing the numerology series I noticed a good percentage of the famous people I used have something called karmic debt. Karmic Debt is a number that indicates that you have a debt to pay in this lifetime for the actions you performed in a former lifetime.

When you see one of these numbers show up as one of the Core Numbers in your chart, it’s a message that you’re working with issues from the past. There are 4 ways they can show up but I will only discuss two. They can show up in your ruling number or the date you were born. There are four number 13, 14, 16, and 19.

I hesitated to include this aspect of numerology because I do not want people to think they are domed to having a hard life or think they are a bad person. Rather I would like the takeaway to be that even with challenges you can overcome great things.

Karmic Debt 13/4

  • Those with the 13 Karmic Debt may experience much frustration, and will have to work very hard to accomplish any task. Think of it as a consequence of a previous lifetime dominated by laziness, taking advantage of others and similar bad choices.

  • Obstacles arise for those with a 13 Karmic Debt and must be overcome time and time again.

  • The key to succeeding with the 13 is focus.

  • A temptation with the 13 is to take shortcuts, but too often, success doesn't come, causing regret and the desire to give up

  • Famous people - Gabby Douglass, Nadia Comenci, Robert Oppenheimer, and Leonardo Di Vinci

  • If this list sounds familiar it should as these are also the ruling number 4. 1+3 = 4


  • The 14 Karmic Debt arises from previous lifetimes during which human freedom has been abused.

  • You were likely a prisoner or slave in a previous lifetime.

  • You are now forced to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and unexpected events. You must be flexible.

  • You have the potential of becoming a slave to your own freedom through the abuse of drugs or alcohol and overindulgence in food and sex.

  • The key to the 14 Karmic Debt is commitment. Life will resemble a rollercoaster ride, but it will always travel in the right direction if you stay focused on your goals.

  • Famous people - Bishop Lamar WhiteHead, Michael Phelps, Louis XIV King of France, Angelina Jolie, Christine Quinn, Jay Z, Beyonce, Abraham Lincoln, John Dillenger, and Teddy Roosevelt, Mr. 4/20

  • If this list sounds familiar that it should as these are also the ruling number 5. 1 +4 = 5


  • When the 16 is in one of the Core numbers, this process of destruction and rebirth is a continuous cycle that actually serves to bring you into higher consciousness.

  • The 16 Karmic Debt can be a path of progress and great spiritual growth.

  • This can be a painful process, because it usually comes after much ego inflation. Life presents challenges to your grand plans and you tend to make choices that seem specifically designed to break down what you have previously built.

  • A self-destructive career choice or an act of stupidity that ruins an otherwise wonderful relationship, for example.

  • The 16/7 is always about the rise and fall.

  • Those with karmic debts of 16/7 have had affairs of the heart in previous lifetimes.

  • Famous People - Elon Musk, Simone Biles, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Josephine Baker, Toni Morrison, Griselda Blanco, Truman

  • If this list sounds familiar that it should as these are also the ruling number 7. 1 +6 = 7


  • Those with the 19 Karmic Debt must learn independence and the proper use of power.

  • You will be forced to stand up for yourself, and often be left standing alone.

  • Difficulties will be faced and overcome through personal struggle.

  • You stubbornly resist help.

  • Your independence is actually self-imposed -- you simply don't want to listen to others, or to accept the help or advice of others.

  • The 19 Karmic Debt can become a self-imposed prison if you do not open up to the reality of interdependence and the mutual need for love.

  • Famous People - Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Elizabeth I, George Washington, and Mariah Carey

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