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The Intuitive Empath


Empaths are privy to the unseen information that structures our reality because we FEEL the energy. Everything and anything that is visible and naked to the human eye is encoded with information and the Empath is privy to this unseen field. This FEELING is your first line of awareness that there is more to this reality than what our physical senses presents to us.


As an intuitive you take this ability a step further by using your mental sight, hearing, natural gift of knowing, or serving as a conduit (be it writing, speaking, performing, or other forms of art) by relaying information from other realms into this one. You know when something is going to happen before it occurs no matter how vague or exact the premonition due to your inner sight. Intuitive Empaths are human sponges and transmute energy. Have you ever heard someone say, "I feel so good just being around you"? Your very presence is helping to uplift and stabilize our reality no matter the size of the impact.


Our purpose here is to help support the transition of this reality to a more forward thinking, tolerable, and even idealistic paradise that it can be. We do this by living our complete truth in the role best suited for us. Whether you are a programmer, teacher, entrepreneur, executive, parent, or retiree; your role is to take your level of intuition and sensitivity to your circle of influence. By talking about what it means to be a multifaceted human being in places you feel it will be welcomed, mentoring the up and coming generation (especially a younger person you see so much of yourself in), or sharing your views on different media platforms no matter how big or small the audience may be, you are serving your role and serving it well.


When the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2000, we did not just change a year, decade, or century. We changed a MILLENNIUM!! That is freaking huge. As a numerologist I can tell you that all numbers carry a vibration to it. With that said the numbers that code people born before 2000 have a different energetic signature mark than the children of the 21st century. There are elements within children's numerology profile that is highly sensitive and intolerant of our every day life that many of us have endured. Fake food, bullying, shallow intentions, highly pressurized environments, and other outdated models are not compatible with a lot of these children genetic makeup. It is up to all of us from all walks of life to help bridge a reality that is most conducive to their well being. As sensitives we do our part by normalizing who we are into the mainstream by educating others of our abilities and needs.

As we endure the ride of 2020, we have to continually look at the bigger picture of why this great reset is occurring. Ask yourself what is being called for you to do and with actionable steps began to walk towards to it. We are all making a difference no matter the size of its impact.

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