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11 Ways to Increase Your Intuition

  1. Ask - Ask your spiritual team to safely enhance your intuitive abilities and provide the tools, teachers, and synchroncities to guide your process.

  2. Take advantage of Non - Peak Hours - Since empaths can feel and take on the energy around them, its a good idea to take advantage of non peak hours to recharge. When people are asleep the energy grid is low and it is easier for an empath to actively accomplish things. This is especially helpful if you live in a densely populated area.

  3. Meditate - To be more in tune with yourself requires more intent. Before you wakeup and give your energy other things or people, start and end your day by cultivating your energy. A simple thank you, saying what you are pleased about in your life, a walk, an intense workout, listening to your favorite song, or anything done with mindful intention will do just fine. Do something that puts that your mind at ease and connect.

  4. Workout - Once your spirit is fully awake it is time to wake up your body. Physical activity helps to envelop whatever information you received while in prayer and it can also provide downloads. Walking, cycling, lifting, HITT, dance, and yoga will do the job. Focus on whatever gets you going or what you can do to get more information.

  5. Declutter your surroundings - Every single thing, living or inanimate, has an energy to it. So it is important that all of your possessions have a purpose in your life. Otherwise it’s energy will create a intuitive barrier. Start with the smallest area in your living spaces and work your way to the bigger areas. Decide what to keep, discard, and donate. Once your space is clear and purposeful you will feel lighter and experience greater flow of thought. This is because you don’t have unnecessary things weighing you down. According to Marie Diamond creator of Diamond Feug Shei, your environment accounts for 30% of your success. Start one week at a time tackling one area in your home, vehicle, and office and get ready to experience more clarity.

  6. Reduce the Toxins - Whether it's a person, place, food you eat, or a program you watch, budget your time around things that suck your energy. If you can get rid of it all together, GREAT! If not try to lift up your spirits after you engage with what drains you.

  7. Decrease Technology Use- We are way in the information age and tech is life! With its conveniences comes the setbacks. Whether you suffer from the phone checking twitch, get consumed in social media feeds, or are sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies produced by wifi and other smart technologies, you have got to create a budget of how often you use your phone or if possible change the devices in your home. Overusing anything that has good intentions can wreak havoc in your life. So limit your usage. Just like anything else create a budget of time and stick to it. (The screen time app or data usage can be helpful to monitor yourself)

  8. Journal - Intuitives are innately creative people and writing is a wonderful outlet. Began by reviewing your day/week/or month (whatever frequency of writing you can manage) and eventually shift your journal to note down your intuitive journey. It can mention synchroncities, lucid dreaming, or any other chance encounters you have.

  9. Watch fantasy programs - A healthy dose of fantasy helps to stretch your imagination muscles. Space travel, dragons, a robotic future, and superhero movies are excellent mental exercises for your developing intuitive mind. Fantasy programming can also help to build archetypes that can help you invoke your natural superhuman abilities.

  10. Program Your Water - Take a cup of water. It can be anywhere between 16 to 24 ounces. Get a notepad and write down what you want for yourself that day (happiness/gratitude) and also write down how you envision your more intuitive self. Once you hold that intention and see yourself in the water, drink it. Water programming is a powerful exercise. The power of words in intention through water was already examined by Dr. Masuru Emoto in his water programming experiment. Dr Emoto discovered water exposed to loving thoughts, words, and even positive music (ie. John Lennon’s Imagine) showed brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, water that was exposed to negative thoughts, formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns that were less vibrant.

  11. Practice with a friend - Chances are if you are an empath you have empath friends. As you grow in your intuitive abilities, your spiritual breakthrough will have an impact on close loved ones too. In quantum physics this is called quantum entanglement, as one particle is moving one way the other particle from a far distance will began to mirror the other (this is why it is very important to mind the company you keep). Whether its a book, course, or seminar you and a friend participate in, the strength in numbers is key to get your spiritual footing.

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