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Intuitive Development Tip - Create an Intuitive Journal

Another method to develop your intuition on a daily basis is to create an intuitive journal with an oracle or tarot deck. First purchase a spiral notebook, one to three subjects is fine. Next choose one of your favorite Oracle or tarot decks.

Before you begin your journal come into the reading focused with the intention to pull the card or cards most relevant to you and what you need to know at this time.

Read the accompanying book instructions. You don't necessarily have to read the entire book ( specifically the meaning of the cards.) Save that step as you pull cards.

Next clear your deck. Take the cards and put it on your heart. Then shuffle it with a positive message or invocation. I personally say with each shuffle, " Guides, angels, benevolent loved ones, please show me what I need to know in order to heal, grow, love, and evolve."

(This is just an example, use your own words to make it authentic.) Another method to clear the deck is to place a stone of choice on the deck. You can also use a audio frequency that specifically clears out energy, or set the deck outside during a new or full moon. Don't make it complicated. Simple is best, so putting it on your heart for your shuffle is just fine.

Once you shuffle the deck decide what kind of spread to use. If you are new I suggest a one card or three card pull (past, present, or future.) Again, keep it simple (each book has suggested spreads with explanations to use.) When you are comfortable you can expand to other spreads.

Once you have decided the type of card pull, you can now begin to shuffle. Sometimes the cards will come out on their own. Once you pull from the deck, go to the book and interpret the meaning of the cards. Before you write, think about the meaning and how it relates to you. Now go to your journal. Date the entry, title the journal with the name of the cards you pulled, and began interpreting the message in your own words.

Pick a part of the day to consistently do your journal. This can be a part of your spiritual practice.

Work with the deck until you have mastered it and move on. Once you have become acquainted with about 3 to 5 different decks you can start to pull cards for someone else. Ask a close friend and once you have their permission, establish a frequency of time you pull cards for them. I suggest once a week or month. Again keep it simple, stick to one person for the time being and keep the results private.

If you can listen or re listen to this episode on Spotify and let me know if you like episodes like this that focus on intuitive development by completing the poll I would greatly appreciate it. I will be posting episodes on different topics in the near future and I value what you like or don't particularly enjoy.

Thank you and talk to you soon.

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