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What you are being called to do?

This year marked the beginning of an intense detoxification process to bridge our current experience here on planet Earth to a more high vibratory existence. This process will not be completed and wrapped in a pretty bow by 11:59 pm on December 31st, 2020. Rather events will continue to play out until what only will serves ALL of humanity's greater good remains.

Detoxifications can suck quite honestly. In instances when the body is trying to cleanse itself of intense drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, and opioids. A careful weening process must take effect under the observation of professionals so that the detoxer doesn't get sick or die from the process. This shift of slowly letting go of the lifestyles, relationships, and thought patterns that defined individuals, nations, and the collective is a necessary step for all of us to manage in our days ahead.

Before anything can level up there needs to be some clearing. All of the emotions and acts that are coming to the fore are necessary so our evolution can take place. This year has brought about a collective shadow work. Where everything that was hidden both on the positive and negative spectrum has bubbled up the surface so that it can be revealed, healed, and integrated into our consciousness. On a individual and collective level our greatest periods of growth comes after and a highly pressurized situation. Without these heavy weights our spiritual muscles would not grow.

So whatever has been on your heart to move into or move away from needs to be addressed and not brushed off. All uncomfortable situations are learning lessons that are meant to teach us. For the remainder of the year and continuing into the next, focus on the uncomfortable areas of your life.

On a personal note, I am being called to focus on several areas of my life. My unique set of circumstances have required me to go into my shamanic cave in order to uncover all of the layers that need to be addressed. This includes going off of the social media grid (mainly twitter and instagram), taking a break from my intuitive and healing sessions, and really focusing on detoxing my body vehicle (through food choices, fasting, and watching my thoughts and words) . The areas I need to address require intense focus so I am shifting my individualized work to focus on general readings for the time being. However, due to the intensity in the fields and trust me folks there is more to come I need to detach as best as possible from the collective in order to reboot.

I encourage all of you to continue your work from a grounded and spiritual level. Utilize your therapy sessions, physical workouts, healthy food choices, uplifting entertainment, energy work, past life regressions, and other intuitive methods to get to your core wound. Your work on your trauma is your greatest life's work and this eventual healing within yourself will create positive ripple effects in the energetic fields.

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