What to do if you are Spiritually Hijacked

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Our emotions makes us who we are. Emotions drive our behavior and helps us overcome obstacles. Emotions gives us hidden clues about people or a situation. For Empaths, our emotions are our unique signature in this world. It's a gift that will help us sustain a more balanced world, although now in 2020 this gifts feels like torture.

If enough trauma is felt by a sensitive, the Empath can reach a crisis point that can result in extreme mental anguish and could possibly numb the spirit. To be numb and an Empath is a dangerous place to be, as our ability to feel is our main function. Without this ability Empaths run the risk of their spirit leaving their body and can be on the verge of extreme acts of violence against themselves or others. Be advised that pinned up rage not released properly will get recycled in the body or misdirected to some other entity or released in the ethers.

If you are not yourself and become spiritually hijacked due to high amounts of stress you may start to not feel like yourself. If it's an extreme emergency situation, please call the national suicide hotline at 1 -800- 273 - 8255. However, if your situation is not extreme focus on changing your body chemistry through your physical body. Once your physical body is out of crisis mode you can began longer term solutions to firmly keep all aspects of yourself together.


We are in a body and we have to to take care of that aspect first. Below are 3 suggestions to call your spirit back into your body: Water, Movement, and Breathing.

(check with a doctor first before engaging)


Hold your breath for 30 seconds and put your face in a bowl of cold water. Keep the water temperature above 50 degrees F. (Very cold water decreases your heart rate rapidly). Or put a cold pack of ice on your eyes and cheeks. This helps regulate your hormones and move very strong distressing emotions. This may not be that effective if there are distractions around.

Intense Exercise

Do something you can manage or find enjoyment. Fast paced walking, dancing, a 5 minute jog, lifting, sprints, and using a rebounder can shift your hormones in the right direction. Pick something you like and do it. If you are stuck or need something different remember what you used to do for physical activity as a child and do that (for me that is jumping rope.)



Inhaling deeply in your belly (at a slow pace) and exhaling out the top of you head is a powerful release. For a more intense release tense up your buttocks and then breathe in your belly and exhale out from the top of your head (this is called mula bandha).

Tighten it all Up

The following synchronized movements are directions to tighten up your body section by section. This is another shock to your physical body aimed to recenter it.

  1. Hands and Wrists: Make a fist with both hands and pull fists up on the wrists

  2. Arms: Make fists and bend with both arms up to touch your shoulder

  3. Shoulders: Pull both shoulders up to your ears

  4. Forehead: Pull eyebrows close together wrinkling forehead

  5. Eyes: Shut eyes tightly

  6. Nose and upper cheeks: Scrunch up your nose, bring your upper lips and cheeks up toward your eyes

  7. Lips and lower face: Press lips together; bring edges of lips back toward ears

  8. Tongue and mouth: Teeth together, tongue pushing on upper mouth

  9. Neck: Push head back into chair, floor, or bed, or push chin down to chest

  10. Chest: Take deep breath and hold it

  11. Back: Arch back bringing shoulder blades together

  12. Stomach: Hold Stomach in tightly

  13. Buttock: Squeeze buttocks together

  14. Upper legs and thighs: Legs out; tense thighs

  15. Calves: Legs out; point toes down

  16. Ankles: Legs out; point toes together, heels out, toes curled under



Water - Take a bath with epsom salt, swim, or feel the rain as it drips down

Fire - Light a candle and look into the flames. Fireplaces work well too.

Air - Go for a bike ride, drive a vehicle with the windows or top down, go on a hot air balloon ride, and flying on a plane can connect you to the air element.

Earth - Take a walk in a park, go to the beach and put your feet in the sand, hug a tree, walk outside barefoot if safe.


Many of us are living disconnected lives. Busyness, technology, and the need to fit in all play a part in the muting of our power. But not knowing your bloodline can further severe your ties to your power source. In order to remember who you are at the core ancestral level do the following.

If unsure of your specific roots take an ancestral dna test to narrow down your lineage.

1) Research the spiritual practices, deities, and folklore related to your ancestral lineage. In your studies find something that resonates and integrate it into your practice.

2) Before science and globalization changed the landscape of our diets, your ancestors ate food local to their environment that was organic and fresh. Find what your ancestors ate and if it works with your body chemistry. If so begin to consistently implement it into your diet.

3) Call on your blood line for direction - Call out loud to your ancestors and ask them to illuminate the most obvious path that is in accordance to your overall health and spiritual growth. Saying it out loud helps to cement the intention even further.

4) Visit your homeland - Being in the continent or country of your ancestors is a powerful reconnection to your spirit. If you are drawn to countries where you do not have ancestral ties but have a desire to go, follow your instincts and book a trip there too. In our incarnation cycles we have been both sexes and many races. This urge to visit a country you have no "physical" ties too is a calling from your spirit to reconnect a past life or past significant experience. It is also important to note that visiting the country of your partner's ancestry is valuable too. As their country may have played an important role in one of your previous lives too.

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