What Happens When You Die


Death is a misnomer as there is no such thing. We don’t cease to exist, we just transition into another reality.

Our current reality is a grand illusion, designed to help us advance spiritually. Once our earthly mission is complete we return back to a more expanded form of living and are reunited with past friends and loved ones for eternity. 

Below are some things you can expect to experience when your soul passes:


People that are near death see visions of paradise and departed loved ones, if they are sickly they will all of a sudden have a burst of life after being near death and then their soul will depart. 


When a soul passes there is no pain. Although the process of dying maybe painful, once transitioned there is no more pain. When you transition you may step out of your body, hover over it, or stand next to your earth body. Your new after life body is feather light and the silver chord which attaches to your body will disintegrate. 

Before your silver chord breaks you may be able to negotiate a return to your body if your physical body is viable (but most wont want to).


After death it is important to follow your loved ones, guides, and/or angels, as they will assist you to the after levels. It is important you go with your divine entourage in order to prevent being an earth bound spirit (ghost).  So whatever you do, don’t stay and follow your team to paradise.


If you are awake during the dying process you can pass through the veil a number of ways:

You can cross a bridge, pass through a fog, go through a wall, take a trolly, train, bus, car service, etc. So basically whatever Universal Mind wants to create in order to signify your crossover is what you will experience. You may also experience a grey period. This serves to bring you from your former reality to the after life. 

If you are asleep, you simply wake up into your new existence. You can wake up in a hospital (if that was where your 3D self was or resided the most before death) or in a home that has special meaning to you (childhood vacation, etc) surrounded by your already crossed over friends and family. 

After you pass through the veil you will be greeted by friends and loved ones from your most recent past life as well as other incarnations in the Summerlands (another term for after life levels).


You can have a max of two life reviews. There is an optional quick one before death. This is what some people experience in their Near Death Experience (NDE). The more formal review comes after you have crossed the veil and are accclamated to your new environment. During which you will get a recap of your life events. It is here that you see the good and bad of what you did and how it affected other people.

One of the harder processes during the life review can be forgiving yourself for your actions. In the afterlife there are forgiveness courses to bridge past the hurt. If you cannot forgive yourself you run the risk of lowering your vibration which could prevent you from entering some of the awesome higher levels or even worse going in the outer darkness. 


Once settled, some of the dead may attend their funerals. Some may have helpers to assist them or pull them away if the vibration gets heavy. These helpers may also help them create awesome weather phenomons as a sign to the living that all is well (i.e. rainbows).


Don’t be offended if the dead won’t visit you often, because there is much to do in the after life. The dead are very busy and lead filling lives so they may not visit often or at all. 

They can take classes, do crafts, attend concerts of the many talented deceased muscians, read, play sports, take courses, or engage in any outdoor activity of their liking.

Eating, drinking, and sleeping are not necessary. However, if you wish to materialize your favorite food, you may do so. 


Young children, miscarried, or aborted souls are cared for in a separate area in the after world. Crossed over children are raised by angels or loved ones in special homes or villages. These areas are set apart from the adult quarters. Children here grow up faster in the afterlife because there is no concept of time. 


1) Dying doesn’t bring enlightenment - Although you have more expanded existence who you are in life will be who you are in death. 

2) You will appear at any age you prefer - Most spirits choose the prime of their life where they were the healthiest. If they died in a traumatic way and lossed limbs or were paralyzed, their body's will be returned whole.

3) Your Earth status means nothing - In the after life, the last will be first and the first will be last (peep the biblical reference). If your focus during your life was in acquiring material possessions and not so much in spiritual advancement, you may miss out on advancing to some of the awesome higher levels in the afterworld.

To learn more about what happens during and after the dying process read Roberta Grimes' The Fun of Dying.

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