The Transitional Empath and the Shared Death Experience

Updated: Jan 6

The shared death experience is a phenomenon where the living intuits the impending death of someone they are close to. The person that is experiencing these sympathy pains can feel the manner in which the soon to be deceased will pass for days, weeks, and even a month before the death occurs. If you are an empath and have this experience then you are a transitional empath.

The shared death experiencer can intuit pains in the body, shortness of breath, imbalance, flightiness, cryptic lucid dreams, or the experiencer may grab the body part of the area that leads to the person’s death, especially in the case of a murder. You can also intuit a significant injury or emotional turmoil of someone you are close to as well. Empaths will especially feel the passing of close friends and family.

I personally had this happen at least three times in my adult life. Each circumstance was unique as one was a sudden unnatural death (murder), the other was a death due to natural causes that was expected, while the other was of someone I did not know personally but affected the worldwide community. Each time I thought I was just having an off period but I did share with others what I was feeling for mental support. If you are feeling off, vent, and ask who’s emotion you are feeling, release it, and protect yourself.

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