The Purpose of the Empath

Updated: Jan 6

Empaths have come in great force to Earth at this time to infuse higher light codes on the planet. Their divine purpose is to anchor in these energies in whatever role they are playing right now: activist, parent, artist, first responder, corporate executive, etc. to help the planet and its inhabitants transition to a higher consciousness.

They fulfill their Earth contract by being true to themselves, while holding the highest integrity possible in everything they do.

Empaths are natural born psychics due to their ability to intuit non local information. Their senses are not only meant to detect energy but to transmit and transform the energies of themselves and those around them (in order to cement the higher timeline.)

Much respect goes to the empaths that incarnated before the great awakening. Those who came down before and during the baby boomer generation had the great responsibility to anchor in these frequencies with little to no support. Many who have come at this time may have found themselves suicidal, addicted to earthly vices that nearly destroyed them, and overall mentally unstable which may have resulted in shorter life spans. If you know of someone like this or are this person, now is the time to send them (or yourself) all of your love and appreciation for journeying onto the planet during the “wilderness period” and praise them (or yourself) for their bravery. Their presence paved the way for the indigoes and the crystal/diamond/starseeds generation to help co-create the new Earth.

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