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The Telltale Birth Charts of Lori Loughlin and Olivia Jade

Hi everyone,

So I am not going to lie I am still a little in my feelings over this whole college admissions scandal. There are many levels that I find insulting but I guess what bothers me the most is the entitlement. The lack of morals to gain entry into a system that frankly they (the elite) may not even need is what gets me the most. I for one believe the idea of college is antiquated. I honestly feel this system is to line the pockets of a few elites and to keep certain industries going. As someone 16 years removed from their college experience I know I did not need that template style of education for my corporate career. I am not saying that education or training isn't necessary but not in its current antiquated fashion.

But with that being said I wanted to dig into the numerology of Ms .Lori Loughlin and Olivia Jade. I am focusing on these two because the media is and their birth charts were quite telling of their current situation.

Before we look at the mother/daughter charts lets examine a birth chart and what it is composed of:

All birth charts are set up as a tic tac toe grid and are broken down into 3 rows or planes:

1. The first row is the Basic Self or Physical plane (doing)

2. The second row is the High Self or Soul plane (feeling)

3. The third row is the Conscious Self or Mind plane (thinking)

Lori Loughlin was born on July 28, 1964 so her birthchart looks like this

What immediately stands out in Lori's chart are the two arrows: The Arrow of Practicality (located on the first row) and the arrow of activity (on the rightmost column).

The Arrow of Practicality is all about doing, being highly involved, and materialistic. If an individual has a ruling number of a 4, 7, or 10, which in Lori's case does in fact have a 10 then the materialism is compounded. So not only were her natural tendencies to be involved amplified by her ruling number but her desire for wealth and most importantly long term security. Her high involvement is also complimented by the Arrow of Activity. As the name of the arrow indicates Lori is naturally inclined to be involved in every sector of her life and her children's lives. For her I get that she was highly focused on establishing a dynasty that would last for years to come.

Then we have her daughter Olivia Jade. Now she was born on September 28th, 1999 and what you will see is that homegirl has a lot of 9's. In fact 4 of them. When you study numerology you learn that too much of a number can cause imbalances and that is certainly the case with Ms Olivia Jade.

People with four 9's need ALOT of help as they live in a dream world of vague unreality. They tend to have hippy ideals and can become an extreme hermit or cyclical hermit (trying to live normal but then going back to your reclusive lifestyle).

This mindset definitely ties in to Olivia's laissez - faire attitude about college and other responsibilities. She actually has a promising outlet with her social media fame. So I truly do not get why the notion of college was pushed on her. I mean I get that her parents (mainly one) wanted her to have the 'total package' but as I said before, this was not necessary for her. She was already carving her own lane using her built in celebrity status, looks, and personality to establish a career. Defrauding a system as for a look was really not the way to go for her or her family.

If you are interested in our own full numerology profile complete with birthchart, ruling numbers, karmic lessons, and more click on the link here.

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