The Numerology of the United States

Numerology provides information into the personality of a person, event, business, or union. It gives insight into the potential and inner workings of whatever was created or formed on that day.

The numbers that create the energy of the United States are very telling and deserve a look into. So here we go.


On Thursday July 4th, 1776 the final draft of the declaration of independence was officially adopted by the Second Continental Congress. The document was signed by 56 (master number 11 ; 5+6) people which granted the 13 (a karmic debt number) colonies its independence from England.

Today we will look at a few aspects of the USA’s numerology: the energy of the numbers in the USA’s birthday, the birth chart, its karmic lessons, and karmic debt


The numbers in America’s birthday contain one '1', one '4', one '6', and three '7’s.

Let’s take a look at their meaning.

One ‘1

The number one is all about how you express yourself to the physical world. Entities with 1 one tend to have issues in expressing themselves and giving clear information of their inner feelings. Until that entity learns how to express itself clearly, communication will not come easy. Sometimes the opposite things will be said as an aggressive defense.

As far as this relates to the United States and other governing bodies. Things are done in secrecy and said in code, and it's up to the discerning citizen to read between the lines.

One ‘4’

The number 4 is all about doing and practicality. It’s also about being tidy, meticulous, and organized. One four has the energy of doing not practicing. It can also become impatient with unwarranted delays and procrastination.

The USA is a country of doing. It's greatness was built on the backs of it is many citizens to make it what it is. To the Indians who originally inhabitated the lands and taught colonizers how to navigate the terrain, the African slaves who built and tilled the lands, to the immigrants who built up several industries, and mavericks who used their ingenuity to build empires, the US is a country of doing built by doers.

One ‘6’

The number six is all about creation and destruction. Anything created with one six is all about the love of home. There tends to be focus on domestic responsibility which tends to mask the role of 6.

Creating, destroying, and rebuilding is apart of America's story. Things are built, destroyed, and recreated again to give birth to something new. The USA like other countries is very patriotic and it prides itself on its homegrown talent, crops, inventions, and other things all American. The flip side of this patriotism is xenophobia which unfortunately some citizens tend to be unwelcoming of people from different cultures and upbringings.

Three ‘7’s

7’s are all about sacrificing or learning the hard way. The more 7’s in your birthdate, the more you will experience sacrifice in your life health, love, money or possessions. Anything created with a birthdate of three 7’s tends to live a sad life brought about by heavy loss in all 3 areas of life: health, love, or material things. This is evident in the USA's many wars, financial hardships, and the general unhealthiness of its citizens. Such loss can test the self esteem of the nation but can also be an opportunity to develop strength. Focusing on victimhood and looking for sympathy will keep the USA in a cycle of depression which can drain their citizens and allies.


Arrows of individuality relate to whether they are or are not three consecutive numbers in the birth chart. Three numbers in a row represent strength. Arrows that highlight three empty spaces highlight a weakness, that can be overcome by using the strength of the numbers in your Birth Chart.

The US has two arrows of individuality. one arrow of strength: the arrow of the practicality and one arrow of weakness the arrow of hypersensitivity.

The Arrow of Practicality

The US has this arrow because it has a 1 - 4- and 7in its birthdate. Entities with this arrow are the doers of the world, the tend to only be satisfied when they are involved with the practicalities of life. The US was built on the backs of Natives, slaves, immigrants, and the underserved community. Many mavericks have made a name for themselves by doing what had to be done in order to achieve.

Entities with this arrow tend to be clever with their hands, but need direction to use their talents wisely, because they tend to do things without thinking them through. Since the US’s ruling number is a 5 their materialistic tendencies can take over their mindset. This can be seen in how the country operates as a capitalist society. Special care must be taken as to not be too materialistic as it can make you develop a harshness and cruelty. Unfortunately this is evident as things that should be a right: food, shelter, healthcare, and education are monopolized instead of immediately granted.

The Arrow of Hypersensitivity

The middle row is the soul plane and the US does not have a 2, 5, or 8 in its birthdate. Now I am not saying that the US has no soul but it lacks soul protection and sensitivity which makes it vulnerable to the outside world. Part of this loss of soul protection is its attachment to materialism and mistreatment of cultures with a high spirit soul imprint.

Entities with this arrow tend to be easily hurt, offended, or upset and can develop an inferiority complex. To protect itself, it can go in attack mode. Deeply loving nature but tendency to react lead to developing a tough outer shell. Can prevent true self from showing and it can grow out of victimhood.


Karmic lessons are based on the name on your birth certificate. Whatever letter is missing from the karmic lesson matrix are the lessons you need to learn.

U - N - I - T - E -D S - T - A - T- E - S O - F A - M - E - R - I - C - A

On average a person has 2 to 5 karmic lessons but it is possible to have more.

Your have 2 karmic lessons: #7 and 8

Karmic Lesson 7

Anything with this lesson is not able to handle its own emotions, does not possess the ability to master a talent, and it needs to learn to be their own critic without condemning itself. A surface level of understanding will prevent it from learning their potential.

Karmic Lesson 8

Entities with this lessons are very independent and self regulating, they resist authority and do not like being micromanaged. They tend to focus on money and status and let their relationships fall to the wayside. They also need to learn how to manage their money, this lesson teaches it to learn their boundaries. They also need to learn how to be well organized.

Karmic Debts hold more of a punch than karmic lessons.

Basically, the Karmic Debt number indicates that you have a debt to pay in this lifetime for the actions you performed in a former lifetime. When you see one of these numbers show up as one of the Core Numbers in your chart, it’s a message that you’re working with issues from the past.

The US has a karmic debt number of 14:


7 +4 + 3 (1+7+7+6= 21 = 2+1 = 3)

7 +4 + 3 = 14/5

  • The 14 Karmic Debt arises from previous lifetimes during which human freedom has been abused.

  • You were likely a prisoner or slave in a previous lifetime.

  • You are now forced to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and unexpected events. You must be flexible.

  • You have the potential of becoming a slave to your own freedom through the abuse of drugs or alcohol and overindulgence in food and sex.

  • The key to the 14 Karmic Debt is commitment. Life will resemble a rollercoaster ride, but it will always travel in the right direction if you stay focused on your goals.

The USA was founded on slavery. From human slavery to the systemic slavery that governs the non elites in our modern world. Part of what keeps the wheel turning is by having its citizens in some sort of addiction.

Part of what is going on in 2020 is allowing the US and other nations to live in a world that is prosperous in all aspects of life. A world where prosperity is accessible to everyone and no one is lacking their basic needs. This world can exist and is not a pipe dream but and however it will take a lot of re-education, destruction, and ultimately creation to get to this place.

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