The Ascension

The ascension is a spiritual evolutionary upgrade that we are all going through right now. If you are on this planet at this time then you are being affected by all of the cosmic upgrades and rewrites our DNA, planet, and solar system are undergoing. Below is a beautiful description of the ascension process and what it entails. Go directly to for more details.

The Ascension as said by Sandra Walter from her Ascension course. Shared with her permission.

"Ascension is not about leaving the planet, getting rescued by off world brothers and sisters, or flying up into heaven. It is not about watching the shift unfold online or waiting for the external world to provide evidence of inner change. Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in personal, planetary, and galactic evolution. When consciously activated, the ascension process affects every aspect, level, and layer of a person’s beingness. The physical, emotional, mental, egoic, and spiritual structures undergo acute transformation, evolving to meet the demands of a higher level of consciousness.

The awakening phenomenon is one of the more impressive effects of the shift amidst the external changes: political, social, financial, spiritual, solar, and planetary changes. People encounter profound internal change due to ascending frequencies upon the planet. This heightened awareness returns wisdom, knowledge, and a connection to the divine aspects of self, which have been dormant for thousands of years. Planetary ascension is a change in frequency. Dimensions are based on vibration, each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the reality or experience within that dimension. Anything living on a planet must resonate with the vibrational level of that planet or higher or it cannot experience that reality. As the frequency of the Earth changes, EVERY LIVING THING is affected. Lower vibrations drop away; higher vibrations become the new norm. In the ascension process, it is essential to clear and retrain the lower emotional, egoic, and mental constructs which block higher states of consciousness. This frees the true self to do what it came here to do; awaken and embody a unique expression of Source.

The shift, jump time, or evolutionary upgrades in consciousness and the ascension process have been discussed for years in spiritual circles and for a millennia in ancient cultures. Waves of unique cosmic energy have been surging through the galaxy for decades and the window of amplification has arrived. It is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a new paradigm and large change is typically difficult.

The shift is a shift in consciousness; a dramatic change in the parameters by which we experience our reality. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and dimensional changes which are occurring here have never been experienced before in the physical. It is an amazing time to be here and experience evolution consciously and first hand. Each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the structure for experiencing a certain kind of reality. Third dimensional reality is the lowest density or frequency which a human expression of consciousness may experience. There are many side effects of the old 3D reality including: the illusion of linear time, the inability to perceive higher dimensions, and spiritual amnesia (where the memory of past lives, experiences in other dimensions, and connection to the rest of the universe has been forgotten). All of that is changing during the shift. This is why the phenomenon of awakening is so wide spread. We are waking up from the amnesia of 3D and reconnecting with a higher dimensional consciousness.

Anything which desires to experience life on a planet, must resonate with the vibrational level of that planet in order to exist within the parameters of that reality.The frequency of the Earth has been increasing and continues to rise. Which means everything in, on, and around her surface is affected. Higher frequency always overpowers the lower vibrations. Apocalypse means lifting of the veil. The unveiling of higher dimensions, which were once hidden by the density of 3D reality.

Humans are unique. Our DNA holds the codes for all life in this universe. An expression of creator consciousness embodied as creator incarnate in HUman which means ‘God Man’ expression. Your primary responsibility in this game of amnesia is to wake up and remember who you are as a divine HUman.

The Ascension process is the transformation of the physical body, light body ,and the consciousness which animates it, in order to hold a higher vibrational state. Your higher self is merging with your lower dimensional self after a very long separation in the 3D experience. In order for your body to be capable of holding that higher frequency it must transform into a crystalline based cellular structure. DNA which has been dormant must be activated. Our consciousness must be expanded beyond the boundaries of a habitual 3D/4D experience. It is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging and it is quite amazing.

Not everyone has chosen to awaken in this lifetime nor do they have to awaken. There are many factors involved in experiencing the ascension process and we are all here to play out the shift in our unique way. To play our roles in our unique way.

The magnetosphere is drastically reduced during the shift. This is a side effect of the collapse of the astral planes of consciousness, the lower 4D realm. This also means there is less of a buffer between the sun and ourselves, so divine cosmic rays of evolution are flowing freely into the planet through the sun and into your body vehicle and your consciousness.

Gaia is a very patient conscious entity with a long and diverse history. This window of evolution coincides with many galactic alignments. Some of which occur in million and billion year cycles. The dimensional split between the 3D/4D version of Earth and her 5D/6D version ,the New Earth, began in August 2011. Gaia achieved the creation of an ascended 5th/ 6th dimensional New Earth on the 12/12/12. Many souls and higher selves joined Her during that auspicious window of December 12/12. Technically the 3D hologram of Earth no longer exists. It is the collective, repetitive, co creation of the past that keeps that illusion running. We are now in a 4th dimensional experience. Moving quickly into a 5th/6th dimensional experience which is already been created.

All of humanity, the kingdoms and Gaia, have shifted to a positive Ascension timeline. As we traverse the photon belt, which is an area where very pure light frequencies command order, harmony, and balance; everything is rewritten in alignment with this higher ascension timeline. A platform for the new experience for the return for the true human is provided. Eventually the lower 4D expression will collapse altogether. This is simply a side effect of the area of space that we have moved into and the universal, galactic, solar, planetary, and the divine human decision to create the ascension. 4D will serve until the collective reaches the tipping point to which it is no longer needed or until cosmic forces rewrite our experience to align with the truth of the 5th dimensional New Earth.

While many continue to prophesize or theorize about how the next few years will unfold for humanity, the inevitable shift is well underway. Evolution is Evolution. Ascension is Ascension. The entire planet and all of her residents are experiencing a shift regardless of their awareness of it. Ascension is a conscious process, which requires a personal choice to engage with the unknown, in order to experience something brand new. It is a remarkable, challenging, and rewarding process which frees the self from falsely perceived limitations.

Ascension, revelation, and resurrection into a higher state of consciousness requires participation. If you desire a different experience it requires your undivided focus. If you desire a different external reality it requires your action. Self-empowerment is a very difficult thing to teach as the choice must come from the individual's’ core self. This is your first step in the ascension process. Choosing to change and to actively participate in the expansion of your consciousness, the reunification of your higher and lower self, and the opening of your heart to choose love and the transformation of your physical body into a vessel which can serve as conduit of your truest highest self. It requires surrender of old beliefs, habits, and repetitive patterns. It requires the transformation of the lower levels: the ego, the mind, and the emotions. It requires the conscious activities from moment to moment, in order to activate crystalline structures, activate true Human DNA, rewrite the cellular structures to hold more light and a higher vibration and merge with a much higher state of consciousness.

Fortunately this process does have a natural path. There is a sequence to the ascension process. It is often referred to as the invisible staircase. Sometimes we cannot perceive the next step until we take the act of faith and move forward. Each step must be achieved in order to move on fully and completely to the next step. Because of the higher levels of light on the planet. The process now takes less time to move from step to step. Know that there is absolutely no judgement on where you are in your process. It is your pure intention to expand your consciousness and experience ascension which is the key to your success. If we desire rapid change and a more harmonious world and a consistent experience of freedom from density, disharmony, and disempowerment we must be responsible in our self-empowerment and creations.

Remember that no one needs to be saved or be a savior or a martyr during the shift. This is not judgement day. When you align with your soul decision to awaken and ascend, all which does not compliment your journey will fall away and that which supports your higher state of being ness will present. Some of the dissolvements may surprise or frighten you, sometimes you many not recognize your true self. Breathe and let it unfold in your highest interest. The mastery challenge of this incarnation contains many lessons, experiences, and tests of divine will. You designed it that way beloved. Know there is an unlimited supply of love, light, and support for your journey. In order to receive that assistance from the higher realms, all you have to do is move in the direction of your ascension. Consciously participating as best you can, work from the heart. If you do the work, your higher self and divine teams will provide opportunities, experiences, guidance, synchronicities, and possibilities which will support your journey of ascension."

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