The 7 Types of Empaths

I encourage all empaths to read Judith Orloff's book The Empath Survival Guide. It is an essential read for not just empaths but all sensitives alike.

One of the many informative areas covered in her book were the 7 types of empaths as summarized below.

1. Telepathic Empaths - T.E.'s read what is happening with others in present time. Even unexpressed thoughts and feelings.

2. Precognitive Empaths - Have premonitions about the future even while they’re awake or in their dreams. They have access to the non local realms, the Akashic records which hold the past, present, and future. PCE's also have access to highly charged negative events as these emotions send louder signals and keep us further in the 3D matrix.

3. Dream Empaths - Dreams bypass the ego and the linear mind to offer clear intuitive information. They bring guidance about healing, spirituality, and overcoming difficult emotions (sometimes through the power of nightmares). Dream empaths may have spirit guides who communicate during sleep. Can appear in many forms (animals, people, angels, or loving voices). Their dreams can tell them how to overcome obstacles, reach their goals, or lead a more spiritual peaceful life. They can even travel to others realms in this state.

4. Mediumship Empath - M.E's communicate with people, animals, and spirits on the other side. M.E. communication with the 'Other Side' can happen instantly to sensitive children and untrained adults.

5. Plant Empath - Plant Empaths have a natural attraction to plants, trees, and flowers. They intuitively connect with their needs and communicate with their spirits. They can sense if plants are healthy and what is required to heal them when they are not. They have a green thumb as plant life flourishes around them. They can have farming, horticulture, botany, or garden design careers. To feel happy and healthy they need plants and natural wood. It should come to no surprise that plant empaths may feel the pain of green living things. To release the pain they should acknowledge these emotions and physical sensations, breathe the discomfort out of their body and keep sending love and blessings to the plant world across the globe.

6. Earth Empaths - EE's are attuned to the Earth's energy and ever present planetary changes. Earth empaths are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder, becoming depressed in the winter when the days are shorter and darker. Earth empaths have premonitions about natural disasters or feel them intensely in their bodies as they are occurring. EE's are also sensitive to solar flares (magnetic storms on the sun that affect the magnetic fields around the Earth as well as around their bodies). Natural storm events occur after intense solar activity. Earth empaths can have a headache, mood swing, anxiety, or heart palpitation during these intense flares. The sun is responsible for life on Earth so when it goes through changes it is felt 93 million miles away. A diet of junk separates EE's from the planet because they're not ingesting Gaia's energy. You can practice Earth medicine by doing whatever you can to treasure our precious planet.

7. Animal Empaths - Can be found as horse or dog whispers. They can sense when animals feel worried, upset, lonely, or unsafe. It should not be a surprise that they attract animals wherever you go and adore their presence.

It is common to identify with more than one empath type, especially as your intuitive abilities progress.

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