September Energies

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

September calls you to be malleable like Water. Plans are nice to have but we must realize we are constructing them from our limited point of view. If your inter dimensional team tweaks your goals so that they are aligned with a higher reality, you need to release your expectations of how you thought the path would look and learn to go with the current. If plans break down, let them. Stop and focus on another way to accomplish your goals. If your body is tired, rest it. Learn to take breaks unapologetically. This is especially important as there will be another energetic download courtesy of our local sun in the 3rd and 4th week of September. During this time Empaths should rest, go outside and embrace the energetic body changes. Every day and every moment will not be filled with highs, you also need to embrace the lows.

Part of being in flow and embodying the Christ Consciousness (being centered in materiality and spirituality) is to focus on the now. Do not concentrate on the lack but be mindful of all you have learned and accomplished. 

Remember life is a process and it never quite follows the path we expect but the end result is still beautiful


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