September Empath Intel

“Step by Step Develop Your Spiritual Tenacity”

Spiritual toughness, faith, and focus is necessary for September 2020. As we step further to society’s next evolutionary chapter more chaotic events and distractions will occur. (I see a financial event occurring in the latter part of the month to add more to the pie of this year.) These triggering events have the ability to disempower you if you become spiritually hijacked or disconnected from your power source. In order to stay connected to WHO YOU TRULY ARE you need to focus on ONE THING at a time. Since modern day people are highly fragmented or focused on several things at a time, this may be a tall order to accomplish. This will require work on your part. Thoughtfulness is needed instead of the usual rush and go that you are accustomed too.

In order to slow down your thought process and walk the trusted path, write down on pen and paper an achievable list of things to do everyday and only focus on one item at a time. Writing things down is the preferred method as this will help to create mindfulness and slow down your brain. Other things you can do to slow down and recenter is to walk outside, listen to calming music or other forms of entertainment, and greatly limit your exposure to news sources and electronics (as we get closer to November events will amplify to create an intense fear based reality). Whatever you can do to return to your spirit, do it!

Your homework this month is to develop your spiritual muscles learn what works best for you and trust the outcome despite the uncertainty surrounding you. If you are in a negative space, jumpstart your system to go to neutral, and then to positive. Knowing how to jump start your spiritual engine, is necessary as we head towards the end of the year and the energies intensify.

Empaths your are going through a major spiritual battle. Not only are you absorbing and transmuting the collective energy , but you are healing your soul group (which can include 25 - 50 people), and you are also reconciling your ancestral karma and other past life experiences.

Everyday will require your focus to remain connected and calm.