Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance, wholeness and vitality. It is a bridge between the perceived limitations we have come to accept in our lives and how life can be when we tap into our actual potential. It gives you access to an inner awareness with a vibrational resonance that promotes strength, brainpower, wisdom, emotional stability, and physical vitality.

They say you don’t find Reconnective Healing, it finds you and for me that was certainly the case. Three years ago I was at a point where I wanted a change in my life, but I couldn’t put a finger on what to do next. In order to clear any programming and limiting beliefs, I used Ho’oponopono. While reciting the 4 phrases: "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, and Thank you" it dawned on me to become a chiropractor. This made sense because I am very passionate and committed to chiropractic care.

BUT there were three barriers to this: 1) I did not want to go to school for another four years 2) The idea of amassing huge student loan debt was unappealing 3) The availability - there are very few schools that offer a doctorate of chiropractic care and I could not uproot my family or leave them to pursue my goal. So I was back at square one.

Fast forward a few months later and I was on a business trip in Vancouver. While there I jumped in a taxi and started chatting it up with the driver. He was cool as hell and was telling me about his travels doing energy work. At this point I did not know much about energy healing but was curious so I asked if it was like Reiki to which he said "No it was more expansive." I then shared that I was looking to change careers and become a chiropractor and he replied, “well this technique was founded by a chiropractor!” My body started to tingle and vibrate all over. Instantly my “A” team (angels and aliens) gave me the heads up that this was it! This was why they gave me the chiropractor easter egg and my “random” taxi ride was actually a divine appointment to my next step.

Less than a year later I became certified as a Reconnective Healer. As I perform energy healings, I find the sessions have a profound affect on my clients. What I can say is that Reconnective Healing brings you further to your truth. It aligns you with your path to bring you to your soul’s purpose.

If you are interested in hearing more about this energy healing modality click here and check out their services or book a distant healing session with me here.

Much Love

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