October Energies and Mars Retrograde

From September 9th to November 13th, Mars will be retrograde in Aries. This retrograde and the timing with the upcoming election (November 3rd), plays a key part into the energies for the last quarter of 2020. Before we talk about the upcoming energies for the month of October, let's look into how astrology plays into this.


There are 4 components that define the astrology of a person, place, or thing. They are:

  1. The Planets - Describes the nature or personality of something

  2. The Zodiac Sign - Adds more depth to the sign's personality

  3. The Houses - Sets the scene for the area of your life. One house can be about career, love, or others can involve secrecy or drama.

  4. Aspects- Represent the angles that are formed between different planets. Aspects show how planets will interact with each other. Some not all of the aspects include: conjunctions 0 degree (emphasis on new beginning), semisquare 45 degrees, square 90 degrees (creates need for new structuring), and trine is 120 degrees (all about creative outlet)


A retrograde occurs when a planet passes the Earth in its orbit. It is called retrograde because from our vantage point it looks as if the planet that is crossing Earth is moving in reverse. This is just an optical illusion. This is akin to when I was a child taking the PATH train and another high speed train would pass us. It would look as if the train was reversing or going in some weird motion even though it was moving forward.

All of the planets go retrograde. The most popular retrograde we hear about is Mercury due to its closeness to the sun. Since it only takes 88 days for Mercury to travel around the sun it crosses path with Earth about about 3- 4 times a year and the retrograde lasts pretty quickly (about 3 weeks ) compared to the other planets.

Besides Mars there are currently four other planets going through a retrograde: Neptune, Chiron, Uranus, and Mercury. All of these planets will be on retrograde up until the election and afterwards.

Retrogrades are a time for reviewing things, reconnecting, researching, and tying up loose ends. It is not the best time to start something new.


Mars represents what you want, are turned on by, what you are passionate about, what you crave, champion, and what you will fight for.


Aries is a fire sign and represents independence, impatience, selfishness, assertiveness, gustiness, self - direction, newness, and passion


This is going to be some low vibrational fighting warrior energy.

Word of advice, don't do what the low vibrational energy wants you to do. IT wants you to be angry, fight, and raise hell. What you must try to do is find an alternative classy way to respond and neutralize the energy. If someone tries to screw you over business wise, lawyer up, if you uncover betrayal in a relationship (slowly make your way out of it), wish all parties well and move on. (Anything done with ill intentions in this new energy will come back to the parties that created that energy in poetic fashion. So do not waste your time seeking revenge. When you have the headspace, pause, see the lesson, uncover the wound it brought up, work on healing that, and move forward.) Family issues need to be handled delicately. Reach out to your community of people who are in your boat for guidance. This time is all about letting go and embracing something new even though the process may seem ugly.



Be prepared for more conflicting, fighting ,warrior energy. This struggle will take form in many ways but the most important is the conflict within yourself. Whatever childhood traumas you endured will bubble up to the surface and be mirrored in an event or relationship (either in the form of a betrayal, death, shame, a breakdown of something important [homes, cars, careers, or a prized possessions], or a major disappointment). These extreme events are here to help us confront a pain by letting go of something that is toxic and making way for a new beginning. This energy will also show itself as family/workplace/or community drama. The divisiveness we are witnessing at a racial, gender, socio-economic, and political level will continue. Also the planet will be used as a vessel to fight as some nations continue to manipulate weather patterns to create catastrophic events.

I am not one to fear monger but as an intuitive I need to do my due diligence and report what I see. With that said, I do see a big fire happening in the North East area of the United States. Wherever it's location, I get that the word 'New' is in its name. So it can be a state, the name of the building, or anything of that nature. Again sensitives. Use your intuition and trust your gut.

There are elements being put in the ethers to rile people up as well. Those in the know of esoteric knowledge are using their players to rile things up and create more of a chaotic atmosphere. The things that are occurring are not natural and I repeat to all sensitives 'WE ARE UNDERGOING SPIRITUAL WARFARE'.

Also, do not expect things to settle down after the election or the New Year. There will be more uprisings and riots after the results. The only thing that will stop these events will be the weather in 2021. In the upcoming year, there will be a extreme cold snap that will strain the food industry. (I see the midwest, north east, and the south being affected the most.) Lots of farming can be potentially affected. So do your due diligence and stock up non - perishable supplies that will last until the weather subsides and the industries have a chance to rebound (worse case scenario 6 months).

Please stop saying 'F*CK 2020' , 'I cannot wait for 2021 ',or 'I hate it here!'. All of this is adding more negative charged energy into the ethers. Remember this is a spiritual warfare. Do your part to help calm the energy grid by calming yourself first. Then once you are well you can safely help others if that is what you chose to do. But honestly now is the time to just focus on you because alot of people's cups are full.

The big picture (believe it or not) is that a lot of disgusting elements are being removed behind the scenes. Despite the divisiveness and anger a lot of old archaic systems are being eradicated. Evil acts are being brought to light and are on its way to being healed, especially when it comes to child endangerment, these practices are being put on notice.

What you need to do is find your calm. You may have to go about this in new and creative ways. Getting away, shutting down technology as much as possible, taking a break from people that cause a reaction, staying busy with positive distractions (like finishing an outstanding project which is a wonderful thing to do in a retrograde).

If you feel great unease break out your emergency toolkit. This could mean(calling on someone who is waiting to help you that you may have been resisting, doing more self care if possible, taking a break from toxic relationships, and stepping up your wellness game (more healthy food, more therapeutic exercise, melatonin to sleep, etc)

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.


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