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May Empath Light Intel

Updated: May 2, 2019


“Be conscious of your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. In the age of Ascension you must work on rewiring the lower level ideals programmed within you. Slowly remove yourself from the ever pervasive hive mind that governs society and anchor in a higher level of consciousness through positive thoughts, actions, and meditation.

Much work is taking place this year for you to renovate your mind, body, and soul. Continue to open doors within yourself that were once closed and dust out the cob webs where necessary so higher light and Intel can seep into your conscious mind. Empaths have a great role and challenge in their life stream to be the agent of change and truth within their family, place of work, and spiritual circle. You are NOT to convert or preach to anyone how to live their life; rather your presence alone will create shift or awareness of the programming within them.

In order for you to embody this role continue on slowly but steadily removing outdated aspects of yourself. This may cause discomfort as you will have to stand your ground, tell others no, put an end to appeasing others, and even call out others on their insensitivities and lies. With every year Planet Earth and it’s occupants are become more conscious and compassionate. Especially with the 2020’s coming up, Earth will see a rise in intuition, sensitivity, and compassion with newer souls incarnating and more souls experiencing their awakening.”

From the Paladiean Council of Light

Continue your spring cleaning Empath and be unapologetic while doing so. The world needs you.

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