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July Empath Intel


As our reality changes and events continue to unfold, use your natural psychic feeling ability to navigate. Intuit what is the best way for you to engage in all of aspects of your life. Look at the bigger picture and ask what you are being asked to let go and kindly depart from it.

The New Earth is here and old Earth energy is out the window. We all cannot continue to move the same way as before. The more sensitive you are the more this experience is calling for you to evolve into the spiritual helper you were incarnated to be.

Give yourself grace. This is not an easy process and 2020 is activating a lot of people’s dark night of the soul. This will not be easy and it will cause you to question a lot, but you have to trust the grand plan. Keep your thoughts and actions aligned with this new energy. Anything not aligned with the higher trajectory is being quickly reset. In other words, people are getting their karma real quick, especially when they are NOT doing the right thing.

There will be many helpers along the way to assist when needed. Take heed that you are always watched our for and have what you need to not only survive but thrive.

#empath#release #counciloflight#Pleiadians

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