Intuiting for Yourself in times of Crisis

One of the more tricker things of being intuitive is reading for yourself when your baseline is off. The more optimal time to read for yourself is when you are in a neutral, blissful state. Ideally after some mood boosting activity (ie. meditation, working out, reading or writing, or connecting in nature in some way). Any mental or physical venting process will do the trick. However, in real life the circumstances may not allow for this ideal setting. Your best bet is to use other means when you are highly stressed.

Ask Your Angels to Intervene on Your Behalf

If you are experiencing extreme distress a go to is to ask your angels to intervene on your behalf. (A tip I received from my mentor) When initiating this request, be specific here. It is important you say out loud or with the greatest intention internally that “your angels intervene on your behalf”. So they have your permission to give you the assistance you most need at that time. This will allow your team to lay out the signals, messages, or next steps for you. Speaking of next steps, also ask your team to “Clearly Lay out the next steps before you.” This will help to make things obvious.

Dream State

One of the safer meet up spots for our interdimensional team to communicate with us is in the dream realm. Before you go to bed create your own prayer that only invites higher energy around you. Here is a snippet of what I say before I go to bed,"It is my intention to perpetually block all beings below the 5th dimension.….. I vow to protect my overall health, family, friends, all members of my soul group, my life passions, finances.... Also anybody or anything aiming anything negative at me or my family I deflect it back to you. This intention exists in all time space, frequencies, and dimensions. Angels please surround me and protect me and show me the most obvious path to the truth.” Lastly before you dose off, ask your team for a communication dream and to relay the message as clearly as possible so you have the ability to interpret the message once awake.

Automatic Writing

This is one of my favorite ways to intuit messages, especially when my anxiety is high. Very briefly before I intuit I ask for a higher benevolent being to relay a message that is most important for the occasion I am writing for. Be it my own personal journal entry, a general monthly reading, or a specific Empath message. I also freehand a looped scribble (most of the time) before I automatic write. This helps me to see or hear the message I am getting. Teal Swan has a video on this