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How to Survive in an Empath Unfriendly Environment

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

At some point in your life, you may find yourself in a temporary situation that may feel like an eternity to your soul. This dark period in your life, is the necessary shadow work for your soul to evolve and grow. This may not be something you want to hear, but all of these experiences have a grand design.

Whether it’s your work place, a living situation, or a relationship (be it romantic or platonic); your presence may be the necessary light to anchor in the higher frequencies needed to complete planetary and the personal ascension for yourself and others around you. Remember as an Empath you agreed to incarnate to Earth to infuse light and bust up old programs.

But with all that said and done you need to survive in the midst of all of these growth building experiences. Below are just a few things you can do to survive living in an environment not suited to your Empath sensibilities.

Create a goal to only be in the situation for a short amount of time

See it as a necessary bridge to cross to get you to the next level. In the mean time remain gracious for what the situation is giving you (money, shelter, growth building skills, etc) and be proactive about your next steps.

Focus on the positives

If it’s a job, focus on all of the technical and soft skills you are building. If it’s an unpleasant relationship, journal your experience from start to finish. Write down what you have learned, ask what is it within you that attracted this lesson to you (people can sometimes mirror unhealed aspects of ourselves that we need to heal), and create a list of any warning signs that were missed so that you do not attract and repeat the same lesson. If it’s a living situation, log down all of the basics that the experience is covering (shelter, food, etc) and focus on the lesson and whatever unseen help your presence is providing. As stated above an Empath’s presence is needed in many situations in order to help raise the vibrations of the place you are in. So yes your presence is a present (K.W.)

Create as much space as you can in the unpleasant quarters

If at work, take outside breaks, go in your car, walk around the building, or when all else fails go in the bathroom stalls take a mini nap or let out a cry. If it’s a living situation (if possible) only go there to sleep and then leave. If circumstances dictate that you must be there at a certain time (run as many errands as you can) and when all else fails do Ho’oponopono ... trust me it really works.

Vent to a friend

Release is key and talking is a great way to remove toxicity. However, make sure you vent vs dump. When you vent you stick to one topic, don’t keep repeating the same point, there is no blaming, don’t fall into victim mode, you are accountable for your own part, and you stay open to solutions. Dumping overwhelms your listener with many issues. You keep repeating the same point over and over again. You blame others, play victim, show no accountability for your part in the matter, and most frustratingly are not open to solutions.

Channel this experience into your creative pursuits

Journal, start blogging, add this experience in your autobiography, get crafty, or tinker with a home improvement project. Being hands on is a great way to alleviate stress.

Stay away from toxic treats

Overindulging with food, drinking, sex, phone use, etc as a coping mechanism is not a healthy way to deal with your problems. This will create a pattern of behavior that can set you on a downward spiral. It’s okay to have a once in a while treat, but examine the reason for your indulgences. It’s one thing if you have a taste to drink or eat something but it is something all together if you are using it to escape your reality.

Pet Therapy

Animals have a lot to teach mankind. One of the awesome benefits to having a pet besides the companionship, is their ability to heal through touch. The energy of an animal is pure, untainted, and downright genuine. This therapeutic touch session can provide the healing you need to get through any situation and pets can also teach divine love - giving without the expectation of receiving anything back in return.

Meditate throughout the day

I am currently using the Breeth app to compliment my meditation regime, but YouTube has a plethora of free material for you to use. You can also use healing music ( Micki Free's The Native American Flute as Therapy album is wonderful) to connect on a higher level and transmute any unwanted energy. Do this as much as possible to recenter yourself.

Create a Spa Routine

Massages, a hot steamy bath, and an at home body scrub can give your body and spirit the boost it needs. Giving your body vehicle a pampering is an excellent way to reset.

Reduce the stimuli in your life

In the midst of your storm keep away from high anxiety inducing places, people, or activities. You need as much calm as you can. So avoid twitch inducing activities

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