Releasing Empath Rage

Updated: Jan 17

Empath rage is the result of intuiting the anger from another source and it becoming your own. This sudden onset of emotions can leave you feeling like Bruce Banner trying to quell the appearance of The Incredible Hulk. Rapidly intuiting the unwanted emotions from others is one of the unpleasant side effects of being an Empath. Not to mention it is just unfair, as you have to be the energy manager for yourself, other individuals, and the collective. Nevertheless, you must employ different release techniques to get the uninvited energy out of your fields.

You can use these tools for anything, releasing any kind of low vibrational energy whether you are the source of it or not, and your overall health in general. And as usual with anything please consult your general practitioner as I am one person (a non doctor) giving you their advice.


Before the Hulk appears let yourself know what is going on. Say to yourself or out loud that you are feeling whatever emotion in this part of your body due to the event you experienced. Doing this is a good first step to gain dominion over your body. You can also say, now return this emotion to where it came from or use your imagination to intuitively throw the emotions in the Sun so it can dissolve and help bring down the energy field. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that "Energy Cannot be Created or Destroyed." Empaths already know this, we didn't need science to tell us this because we are the recipients of feelings we did not ask for. Nevertheless it doesn't hurt to transfer that emotion right back or dissolve it if you can.


"Hydrotherapy is the external or internal use of water in any of its forms (water, ice, steam) at various temperatures and pressures and sites for varying lengths of time. "* This means of self soothing and healing has been around for ages. I personally use showers and baths to calm down and restore my energy. I am currently using the Wim Hof Method as a tool for managing my overall health. He as well as other people who utilize cold showers suggest starting off your shower with warm water and then finishing with a cold shower. If employing this method for the first time you can end your shower with a 15 or 30 second cold shower and work your way up. As simple as it is, it is also highly effective so do not sleep on it.

Breathe and Hum

Speaking of Wim Hof another highly effective way to calm down is to breathe as deeply as possible, hold your breath, and begin to hum as long as you can. This gives your body the chance to calm, reset, and slow down your breath and heart rate. I highly suggest placing your heart on your chest while doing this too. As sensitive heart focused beings, this added physical touch can help bring the heart rate down more and cut off the energy flow. Do this in a safe place and do not attempt while driving or in water.

Forest Bathing

"Shinrin yoku" , is the Japanese practice of "Forest bathing". Which is a contemplative walk or moving meditation through the woods. It helps reconnect people with nature and it boosts their immune system too. Since we are in the age of technology it is a good idea to get away from the city/suburban grid when you can and visit less densely populated areas for healing. Creating distance between cell phone towers, major power lines, powerful home wireless transmitters, substations, and high voltage/ electrical transmission lines is a must as they emit EMF's which are a Group 2A Carcinogen - probably carginogenic to humans.

Mirror Mirror

An interesting technique suggested by Shaman Sandra Ingerman is to look at yourself in the mirror when you are upset. Or better yet, when you are not angry you can look at yourself in the mirror and make an angry face to use in the future to calm you down. Seeing how you look may make you chuckle and motivate you to find another avenue to get rid of the energy. Another noteworthy effect of practicing your angry look in the mirror when you are not upset is that you actually FEEL how much stress the negative emotion brings to your body. If you are angry by all means don't suppress the feeling but use a method to get it out of your fields.

Talk it Out

You cannot go wrong by reaching out to a trusted friend and letting them know what went down. Before you communicate just give a heads up to the person that you need to vent and ask if they are in the space to hear it. If you are reaching out to another sensitive this is a courteous step to take as you don't want inundate them too. Dr. Judith Orloff stated in the 'Empath Survival Guide' that it's important to vent and not dump. Venting is - sticking to one topic, not repeating the same point, not blaming others (I know hard right but it is what it is), not seeing yourself as the victim, and being open to suggestions. Dumping on the other hand is the direct opposite. This involves overwhelming your listener with many issues, repeating the same point, blaming others, playing the victim role, showing no accountability, and being non receptive to solutions. Venting is healthy and dumping is toxic.

You can use these tools no matter the source of your anger (internal or external). Go with what feels right and implement. We are advancing as a human race and taking healthy action for your mental state is a part of the evolutionary process.


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