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Honoring Your Past to Make Way for the New

Despite what some would call it, 2020 is the gift that many secretly asked for. The unpredictable changes and challenges you may have faced this year was a necessary step in your evolution, although it may have felt like pure hell in the process.

Many jobs or businesses were lossed, favorite extracurricular activities were halted, routines were interrupted, and relationships ended. But these sudden and painful changes helped to put people on course to the career, lifestyle, location, and/or relationship that aligned with their highest good.

If you experienced a major loss in any area of your life (Please keep in mind I am not referring to the loss of life), trust this separation was for your best intention. The planet is vibing on a higher frequency. What I mean by this is that old low vibrational behavior and practices (like bullying) are not being tolerated, especially by the younger generation. In fact, the younger generation is here to check the behaviors and practices that were the prior norm in order to help create a society that is higher vibrational. Their refusal to accept past ways of living is a part of their mission of helping to level up the Earth. Keep in mind that their work would not be possible without the help of the souls that incarnated earlier. The great influx of higher vibe souls that incarnated between the 1800’s through the 1980’s were needed as their presence laid down the foundations that the younger generation is now flying off of.

With that being said if you were attached to something with an incompatible energy that was essentially holding you back in some way, trust and believe it was the job of 2020 to remove it from your life. As I stated in my 2020 energy reading, the numerology of the year 2020 is a 4 (2+0+2+0=4). Any year that adds up to the numerology number of 4 and 7 is called a consolidating year. In this type of year the focus does not call for growth and expansion rather removing what isn’t working so that more solid growth can take place in later years (think of it as pruning your garden or trimming split ends). We all obviously witnessed these grand consolidations on a worldwide and personal scale.

This consolidation definitely hit home for me. My husband was at the same job for 14 years. My husband has a very loyal personality. Although he looked for other opportunities and maximized it to his advantage to stay with his employer he was still unhappy at his job. It was on his list to look for new employment when the timing was right but meanwhile he stayed where he was at.

But the gift of 2020 expedited the work on his to do list. Because at the end of March 2020 he was let go from his job. Now was this convenient? NO! Not at all. My husband wasn’t given a severance package and being that I quit my job 2 years prior and we were reliant on his one income with three young kids while managing my stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis….The timing really sucked in one aspect. But because we set up foundations prior to this and were responsible we managed the change. Also, the blessing of having my husband home was that I REALLY NEEDED him to help me with the children, since my kids were home 24/7. Again, this sudden and drastic change was A LOT and I will expound on that another time, but in the end my husband landed a new job lightyears ahead from his old. Instead of him coming home in disgust, he now comes home with a smile on his face as his expertise and opinions are highly valued. Not to mention he really likes the new company and the team he works with.

So trust me when I say losing something major can be a complete gift later down the road. I realize that the in between process may suck but it will eventually lead you to where you need to be.

Another plus of incompatible things leaving your life is that it will free up your energy to attract what was suppressed inside of you. I have seen people become full of ideas, have more energy and feel lighter, or better yet make a meaningful connection with someone, once they sever ties with something. If that happens recognize that connection was holding you back in some way.

Now with all of that said I think it’s important to acknowledge your past for bringing you into the space you were destined to be in. If the departure from a job, change in location, activities, or relationship was sudden and you need suggestions to get over it, I suggest doing the following.


One of the most grounded ways to help you get over something from your past and clear your mind is to freshen up your physical and technology spaces. Rid yourself of anything you do not need especially if it is from your past soul tie and donate where possible. Everything has energy to it and possessions are no different. When it comes to technology, unsubscribe, unfollow, clean up old files from your devices, print out pictures that you love and turn them into books, and move those files to a safe storage space so they can be accessed later. It’s also a good idea to tidy up the posts on your social media account by deleting or archiving them. Also, be mindful of the posts you like, the words you say while around your smart devices, or the things you watch so the advertising and recommendations reflects what you want to see as you scroll through your timeline.


Whether it's taking a break from eating, speaking, or distancing yourself from something you find addictive, do it and fill that space with something productive.

When I am looking to start fresh or clear my mind my go to fasts involve food (I choose a time period that works with me) and social media.

Once you decide what you are going to fast from, use that time you would spend on that activity to help you move on. Find time to speak with someone about your transition, write out your thoughts, jot down the projects you would like to accomplish, or create a gratitude list of the things you gained from your past connection. Speaking of gratitude…..


I know this sounds corny but it is a good practice to write down all of the things you learned from your past connection. List all of the skills you acquired especially if it was a challenging situation. For instance, if you were in a job where you were not valued you can write “Thank you for helping me to learn how to stand up for myself and go after what I want.”


If the separation from the old, freed up the space in your mind and heart to do something you always wanted to do, go for it. Whether it is outlining the book you always wanted to write, adopting an animal companion, starting a new physical routine, making a bold statement with your hair, getting a tattoo or piercing, learning a new skill, or making a purchase that is symbolic of the new you, go forward. As this symbolism will represent the change you went through.


On an energetic level a quick way to remove your energy from your past connection is to imagine your past soul tie standing in front of you. Wrap your arms around it and hug it. Use your thank you letter to list all of things you are grateful for about your past. Now imagine a hole opening underneath it. This hole leads to the center of the Earth and at the center is liquid hot magma. Imagine your soul tie going into the magma, dissolving, and being permanently removed from your energy fields. If this is too harsh get creative and think of another way to remove said thing. You can imagine moving your past connection into a virtual trash can and then hitting the delete forever button. Go with the flow of what your mind comes up with.

Being that this is the month of December it is a good practice to tidy up loose ends and freshen up your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. The suggestions provided are a good way to cleanse, be grateful, and renew yourself so you can get over the hump.

If you care to share how you processed and moved forward after the loss of something please click here. I look forward to hearing any ideas on how you honored your past to make way for the new.

Till Next Time,


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