The Miracle of Hoʻoponopono

You may have figured out along your spiritual journey, that one of the key principles of creating the experience you desire is that 'Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.' For me the best tool I came across is Hoʻoponopono. A Hawaiian cleansing tool updated for today's youth to cleanse your belief system of faulty programming and bring you closer to the divine. To learn more about this awesome system purchase the book Zero Limits. I talk about it on the recommendations page or follow the brief cliff notes below for more info.

What does Hoʻoponopono do? It gets you to a zero state (devoid of all faulty programming) to connect to the divine. It helps you to live in a state of inspiration. Living an inspired awe filled life is having a direct connection with your spirit and puts you on course for being your own guru.

What is Hoʻoponopono?

A prayer that consists of the following 4 phrases: 1. I love you 2. I'm sorry 3. Please Forgive Me 4. Thank you

How do the 4 Phrases Work? 1. I love you - moves you to a state of gratitude and pure unconditional love. This is the key ingredient to transmute. It also makes you one with divinity 2. I'm sorry - You say this for any beliefs you inherited from your ancestors, environment, etc 3. Please forgive me - You apologize to all that is for being unaware of the programming 4. Thank you - for dissolving you the limitations and erasing them from your mind

6 Main Principles of Hoʻoponopono 1. The physical universe is an actualization of your thoughts 2. If my thoughts are cancerous then they create a cancerous reality 3. If my thoughts are perfect it will create a physical reality beaming with love 4. I am 100% responsible for creating my physical universe the way it is 5. I am 100% responsible for correcting the cancerous thoughts that create a diseased reality 6. There is no such thing as out there! Everything exists as thoughts in your mind.

Why is this necessary? Your beliefs are in the unconscious. So if you unconsciously believe that you are not good enough (for example) while goal setting you will inadvertently get what you unconsciously believe in. To displace the memories they need to be transmuted to love which is done through the 4 phrases.

Anything else I need to know. 1. Problems are replayed memories of the past 2. When you clean inside, inspiration comes through 3. When you play your role, the world works 4. Thinking in blame are memories replaying 5. Clean incessantly to clear memories

There are many ways to get to the end result, this is just one suggestion to get you further along your way.


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