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Energy is Currency

One of the movies my children loved to watch a few years back was Monster Inc. As the story goes, the Scarers at Monster Incorporated travel through random closet doors (a portal) that cross over from their world into the human realm. Once the monsters enter the child's bedroom they scare the child and the energy from the child's scream is collected by a scream collector in an energy container. These containers are then used to power up the monster world. The more intense the screams during a scare, the more energy is harvested, and the more profitable Monster's Inc becomes. Being a scarer is a dangerous job because human children are toxic.

(Spoiler Warning) But the top scarer at Monsters Incorporated, James P. Sullivan, discovers that not only are human children not dangerous (as they are led to believe by the powers that were) but their laughter from children is way more powerful than their screams. Eventually JP becomes the new President as he uncovers the corruption of the former company president and he shifts the company's focus from scaring to entertaining. This corporate shakeup allows Monsters Inc to experience high profitability, the workplace environment becomes much more enjoyable because the job is not only safe but fun, and their is lots of energy to power their world because positive energy is way more powerful than negative energy.

This movie is a prime example of several things:

I mention this movie to illustrate several points

Positive Energy is more powerful than negative energy

Words and intention do have an impact on our reality. According to the Scale of Consciousness, developed by Dr. David Hawkins, the more negative the feeling and intent the lower the vibrations it emits. Fear, guilt, and shame are low on the scale, while love, joy, and peace vibrate higher.

Those in Power Know this

The Powers that Aint (as I like to refer to them) understand how our reality works and use all types of tactics to distract and divide people from finding the truth. By using various propaganda tools a narrative is created to set the foundation of how people should think and this usually keeps them in a low vibrational state which can prevent critical thinking.

In Bill Foss's, Journey to the Akashic Records, Foss mentions that energy can be focused to generate, amplify, and control. In modern times our energy is being used more towards the latter objective (control). While, in older times, forms could be easily created out of the ethers because there was no power grid or limiting beliefs. Empowered people were able to make things happen.

In our current reality, programming allows the minds, bodies, and souls to become a battery to be used in mass to harness energy for the dark side. And this agenda is to use our energy as a fuel source to keep our true reality cloaked.

Soul Blending

We are well aware of the phrase "selling your soul to the devil" as many entertainers (Bob Dylan, Snoop Dogg, Madonna) have made these statements. Rather than referring to the entity as the devil there are dark entities that are attracted to powerful or influential people and use them as a vessel to do their bidding. This process is called soul blending - the agreed consent or deception of a human with a dark force to gain more powers. The person is tricked into giving up their Soul energy to the negative entity or group and becomes an instrument for them. The person's soul energy is compromised and they are being used as a spokesperson for what or whoever they made the agreement with. Technically that person still exists and and is present but the parts of them that cannot be seen (soul and spirit ) remain elsewhere.

In Monster's Inc the president was well aware that children were not dangerous and allowed unethical practices to aquire energy from the children in order to keep the company going.

Those who are focused on a certain end goal will do what it takes to keep their status.

Energy is Currency

Screams powered the monster world and low energy emissions in our reality keep us stuck at a certain level

It is also important to note that just as dark forces can be attracted to power and influence they can also be attracted to the light. Those in the spiritual business (be it traditional leaders of the truth or leaders of the new ager) and sensitives can find themselves working with dark forces. This is why it is important to do the following in order to Not attract that energy.

Know Who You Are

Empaths are energetically held into a spiritual moral contract. As a member of the light worker community you really cannot go to far with any extreme immoral or unethical wrongdoing before the universal energy collector (karma) comes to collect and balance out the energy. Be it instantenously or over time you will pay the price. Before you proceed further in life I suggest making your own personal commandments or code of conduct to solidfy who you are and what you wont stand for. That way you can be better prepared for any tempting opportunities that come your way but are not aligned to your values.

Keep Away from Soul Sucking Sources when you are Low

Feeling down happens and there is nothing that we can do about it. It is inevitable for us to experience pain, depression, anxiety and anything else that is undesirable. The issue with this time is that when you are energetically low it is the time for something to suck your energy away at a fast rate. It doesn't matter if its a person, a media source, food, or a debilating habit, know what your vices are and when you see yourself gravitating towards it in rough times use your back up plan. My go to when I am stressed is to eat or order out. In order to tempt me from this I stock my freezer with ready to go healthy meals when I need to feed. This is more realistic instead of saying I will not order out when I am stressed because this is realistic and it keeps me accountable.


Journey to the Akashic Records by Bill Foss is a must read. He extensively reviews the akashic records, its purpose, how to connect to it via numerous meditations, provides clearing modalites, and a glossary of terms that highlights the material covered in his book.

Below are some of the highlights:

  1. Akashic Records (or sky library) is the living etheric, energetic record or signature of every past, present, and future moments of every person, place, and thing that is associated with, or has ever been created, or whosoever has, incarnated here on this planet. The records of all things animate and inanimate are held within these great banks of knowledge.

  2. Connecting to the Akashic Records helps to clear out your karma, heal your body, and heal your soul

  3. Your life templates, purposes, accomplishments, missed opportunities, regrets, failures, and triumphs all land out in the etheric sky library for you to study with the help of those from the other side to understand what is going on. What are the lessons for your specific soul to study, observe, and learn?

  4. Looking into the Akashic Records is like reconnaissance work (there is a purpose, focus, and mission)

  5. When you are in the Akashic Records you in the Seat of the Soul. You are more present with your Soul. This dynamic alone clears the soul (pg 172)

  6. Playing different roles around a central theme is the way the Soul expresses, learns and even heals. We can find similarities and Life Path Soul Purposes when we look into the Akashic Records and our Book of Life

  7. The true currency is Souls, and that's why the Akashic Records exist. For your own Soul to advance through “knowing the Self” is the best possible as an organic natural individual expression of the Divine human race

You can purchase the book here

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