Empaths and the Collective Energy

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


When the energy grid is high, due to a heightened event, Empaths absorb the information from the collective directly into their consciousness which makes its way into the Empaths physical and mental bodies. Strange or premonitory dreams, sudden bouts of anxiety, and just a dull sense of being could potentially plague an Empath. Empaths need to take measures to disinvite anything that triggers them and establish firm boundaries.

Consult Yourself First

If you feel off ask yourself, “Is this energy mine?” If you receive a no tell it to go back to its source or send the negative thought forms to the sun so it can dissolve and bring down the fear grid.

Stop Spreading the News

Your news intake will need to be adjusted as well. If taking a complete break from all news sources is not an option, consider taking a partial social media hiatus, or only review sites and accounts that elevate your mood (comedy, exercise, beauty, cooking, etc) If you have someone who shares information that you don’t want to hear, gently tell them that it’s not in your best interest to hear or receive what they want to share, as it can negatively impact your health. If one of your social media friends floods your timeline or stories with info you rather not hear, it is certainly okay to temporarily mute them to reduce stress.

Me Time

Daily safe care is mandatory. If possible, walk or jog around your neighborhood or workout from home. Create a routine to get you out of your clothes. Exercise will move your energy fields throughout your body, and stimulate the feel good hormones that can