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Planet Earth can be a tricky place. Little do our conscious minds know, but prior to our arrival we chose to undergo a slew of Earth lessons in order to achieve rapid spiritual growth. Sometimes a spirit will plan challenging lessons for the evolution of their soul.

In her book "You are a Medium" Sherrie Dillard reviews a few scenarios that can happen to a sprit once the physical life is over. Here I will explain the life journey of those souls who live a life of addiction, die of a suicide, or suffer Alzheimer’s or a disability.


A soul may elect to pursue an addiction in order to experience a profound awakening. Sometimes we have to go fully down a path in order to see where it takes us. Although it may make no sense, the addict relentlessly pursues a false material god in order to ultimately discover the divine within. Until we are cut off from our spirit, we do not full understand the magnitude of its importance. Oftentimes when people breakthrough their vices; they find peace and purpose in other pursuits which can include counseling other souls to heal through their addiction.

However if an addict succumbs to their vices, they will go through an intense life review where they see and feel how their actions affected their soul plan as well as their loved ones. After their review the addict returns to the emotional state they were before becoming an addict. With the help of loving beings they work through whatever issues they were avoiding and denying.

Addicts in the spirit realm work hard to grow, evolve, and heal. In addition to their heavenly help they can learn from a loved one in the physical world who has overcome an addiction. Seeing others thrive and overcome their material urges serves a much needed inspritation for their growth.


For people who have lost loved ones in a suicide the journey to healing can be long and difficult. Life is never the same after a loved one leaves in this way.

The impulses to end one’s life is a confused response to the cry of a soul in crisis. The soul sends a wake up call to the conscious self so serious and profound change can happen. The soul demands a radical departure from the old and requires a new vision for the future. HOWEVER, this is not a message to end one's physical life, but to transform it.

When a soul passes on they understand during their life review all the love that surrounded them to assist in their earthly transformation. After their review the soul goes into retrograde. Instead of advancing on their soul path, they must backtrack and revisit and re experience the conditions that led to this decision. During their after life healing they are not among the general population, but rather are in special angelic centers to properly heal.

Loved ones that are left behind after a suicide, are being called into their highest purpose to transform and become a presence of love and peace to others. People who tend to survive and thrive after a devastating loss are those who commit themselves to a higher purpose. If you are looking for your own purpose open your heart and be an open channel of love.

Your ability to be yourself helps and inspires your family and friends on the other side who lived repressed and conformist lives on Earth. Often souls who have not been strong enough to take up the challenge of being true to themselves can learn the lesson from those still on Earth. People who are individuals and follow the dictates of their inner conscious provide inspiration and valuable lessons to those who have departed.


Souls that are undergoing dabilitaing diseases, comas, or disabilities are undergoing unique journeys. Although it may appear that they are wasting away, confused, despondent, or unreachable, soulful activity is taking place.

These souls are releasing past trauma, detoxing, and or getting ready for their ascent into the spirit realm. Behind what appears to be fragmented, fantasy, and purposeless behaviors, the soul may be completing karma, releasing repressed emotional energy, and revisiting choices and decisions. As such the soul is attracting the conditions for its evolution and healing.

Professional care givers, family, and friends who care for people with disabilities are practicing the lesson of selfnesses, compassion, and unconditional love. Caring for a loved one who is suffering from a condition that leaves them unable to care for themselves can be demanding. It can test your patience drain your bank account, stain relationships, and put jobs at risk. Your soul is making great stride in experiencing the full scope of love. Being dependent forces people to be humble and accept love and kindness . Giving to others I need moved us out of an egocentric mindset and into the depths of authentic love.

For more beautiful gems like this please read Sherrie Dillard's " You are a Medium" this is easily my favorite book so far.

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