Conquering my Cancer

About four months ago, life threw me a curve ball when my doctor called and told me I had #breastcancer. Two surgeries later my stage one diagnosis shot up to stage 3 as the cancer spread from my left breast to my nearby lymph nodes. In a short matter of time, my life completely changed directions. Listening to all of the doctors recommendations for post surgery care, managing my emotions, and taking care of a household with three young children (ages 6,4, and 2), put me in a place I never thought I be in, especially at 38 years old. And top it all off we have our current state of affairs.

But with all of these changes and resets, I am grateful. First of all, I am grateful for the dream I had in November that told me to go to doctor. I am grateful I had my two surgeries in January. I am grateful that after my second surgery, I had a wound open up so deep that it delayed me getting chemo. I am grateful (although I wasn’t at the time) that my doctor told me I couldn’t go to Hawaii in February because of my wound. I am grateful I went to Hackensack Hospital a week before the first Corona positive person went there to get my whole body scans. I am grateful that those scans did not detect cancer anywhere else in my body. I am grateful to NOT be in chemo right now while taking care of 3 young children and homeschooling two of them.

I am grateful that I have a very loving and supportive husband who has been my rock during the entire process. He without flinching took care of my wounds twice a day until it healed completely. I am grateful that one week before quarantine he took all of our kids to #CapeMay where they played in the park, went by the beach, and dined at restaurants so I could stay home and have two days to myself and rest.

I am grateful for my best friends who have given me much needed emotional support and guidance. I am grateful to my mom for dropping everything to be by my side cheer me on, and watch my kids. I am grateful for pulling a #LoveisBlind Marathon with my girlfriend (pre- quarantine) days before quarantine. I am grateful for all the random “How you doing” texts from Ken-dawg. I am grateful to my Notre Dame college roomie for going above and BEYOND and paying for not ONE but TWO meal delivery services so I have fresh and healthy food at my fingertips. I am grateful to my doctor friend for giving me helpful advice and praying with me on the phone.

I am grateful for my friends for visiting me at home, watching my kids for me during my doctor’s visits, and running errands for me. I am grateful to my girlfriends who consistently prayed for me, texted me, and made me some bomb ass Puerto Rican food and organized a very supportive girlfriend gathering for me right before the #pandemic hit. I am grateful to my former #Ferragamo coworkers for reaching out and meeting up with me (pre-quarantine). I am grateful to my intuitive friends who I have only met in person once or twice, but have performed weekly #energyhealings on me and done other readings for me as well. And I am grateful to my mentor who gives me pep rallies as needed.

My #cancer diagnosis and this pandemic has taught me that I and the rest of the world could not continue moving forward in the direction we were going. My body, the collective human race, and this planet were screaming for help. This reset (albeit painful) is necessary for our future survival. And we should all count our blessings for all the key things we have in our life (health, food, shelter, love, etc) that we tend to take for granted.

XOXO ~ Cameesha

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