Common Signs from a Crossed Over Loved One

Before we review the ways the dead communicate with us, it's important the we discuss the misnomer of death. Many people are afraid to talk about this subject because they believe it is the end. However, there is no end only a continuation of your existence.

Our lifetime here on this planet is the real illusion. We are only here to learn a lesson and grow spiritually, that is IT! Before we incarnate we choose our earthly bodies, birth parents, geography, physical and mental abilities, and other factors to help us learn our lessons in this lifetime. Our time here is really like being in a gym to build our spiritual muscles so we can advance in the here after. In order for us to grow the memories of our eternal nature is clean slated.

Once our Earth lives are done we live with more expanded and more powerful minds. We are reconnected with friends and family from past and present lifetimes and live a very full existence.

The dead live a full life in the here after and have plenty to do. One of the things they enjoy doing is visiting their loved ones to let them know they are okay. When a loved one pays a visit it is a lot easier for them to make contact when the loved one is not grieving. Grief serves as a barrier to communication because they feel the negative vibration intensely. Also, they love it when the living acknowledge their efforts to communicate, so any mental and verbal appreciation you have for them helps.

Now let's get into the signs.


The dead often use objects like coins, jewelry, pictures, and small electronic devices to get your attention. In this instance of coins (the dead often use pennies), you may find them in places where they shouldn’t be (i.e. a dresser drawer that was once empty now has one or several coins), the pennies can be from a loved ones birth or death year too, or they can be randomly given to you. The dead can make these smaller items materialize and then dematerialize at their will. These objects that appear out of nowhere all of a sudden are called apports.


Another message the dead will use to show their presence or sign of a death to come are feathers. Whether one feather is strategically placed on you or your down coat bursts from the seams, this is their way of saying hi.


The is one of the more popular signs. Butterflies, dragonflies, and lady bugs are commonly used insects to indicate a presence of a loved one. The dead can manipulate these small beings easily and they can even herd mass quantities of them in insect clouds or make them appear when the weather is unseasonable.


If an animal comes up to you unafraid take note. A loved one can be using their mind energy to influence that animal. Also like insects they can make them appear out of season or in a location they shouldn't be.


When the dead are really trying to get your attention and they know you are cool with seeings signs like these they may leave the following:


Sometimes lovers who lossed someone may see an indention in the mattress or comforter

where their partner used to sleep and a departed pet can leave their mark with paw prints too.


Sometimes a loved one will shake up some pictures or make them fall, open up cabinets, or hide objects only to make them appear later to get your attention. I recall my friend lossed keys to her new home as soon as she purchased it. When she went to a store to purchase a candle to help find her keys an intuitive told her, her grandfather (who recently passed) was playing a joke on her. She later found them in the lining of her purse.


Manipulating the elements may be used to show their presence. They can be magnificent rainbows during a memorial service, the sun appearing on a cloudy day, or a gust of wind being felt indoors.


When you transition, you become a pure energy being. So that makes it easier for the dead to use electricity to get a loved ones attention. Immediately after a death you may notice the lights go on and off, the tv going on and off, missed calls from your loved one’s cell phone and even a voicemail you may not have heard before, and motors in different apparatuses malfunctioning.


This usually occurs after the first two years of a loved one’s death, but a loved one may use the scents of nature, their favorite fragrance, a dish that was their speciality, or a cigarette/cigar/pipe to make you notice them.


In Roberta Grimes book “The Fun of Staying in Touch” she mentions her wonderful encounter with Mikey Morgan, a highly ascended being who reincarnated to Earth to deliver a message of the after life. During his most recent incarnation Mikey had a love for music and when he passed over he used music as one of his communication methods. He says the dead can tune into the living’s daily plans and take note when they will be available to hear a message. They also can impress their mind energy on a DJ or even the loved one to get them to turn on the radio to a specific station or do something that will get them to notice a song.


As mentioned previously the dead can impress themselves on anyone to inspire them to do something. Don’t be freaked out they are not controlling our minds per se but giving us strong inclinations do things, see things, or smell things.


I like how Roberta Grimes described synchroncities they are coincidences on steroids. We may be impressed on how this is possible but the living have to understand that time is a concept only relevant to our reality. In other higher levels, our divine entourage have all the time in the world to execute synchroncities to get our attention.


This is a very easy way to talk to a loved one. whether on clocks, license plates, book page numbers, likes on a social media page, car mileage, or weather temps. You name it the dead will use it. Seeing repeating numbers is a clear sign. There are 1,440 minutes a day and the possibly of seeing repeating numbers is statistically low (but all depends on how often you check the time though)


I love communication dreams cause its like being in a surreal movie. Basically you know a communication dream vs any other dream because you remember it, almost every detail in fact. A loved one will come to you to let you know they are well and they usually are in great health. Make sure to take note of the experience and write it down so you can review the event.


Sometimes right after a loved one dies they may come to you. More often than not children and the elderly witness these phenomenons more because they are closer to the source of existence. The visions may occur up to a year after their death.


Think of the ending of the ghost movie when Patrick Swayze’s character came to Demi Moore. It is quite possible to see your loved ones' full body to the point you can touch them. This is quite amazing as this requires a lot of energy to execute. It's one thing for the dead to lower their vibration to visit us, but quite another to manifest their image. Let them know how grateful you are and enjoy the experience.


My coworker went on a business trip and rented a car. On his travels he noticed so many vehicles of the same make and model of his mother’s car that he was now using. He just read Roberta Grimes’ “The Fun of Staying in Touch” and knew this was his mom’s playful way of saying hi. Next time you are out note the make and model, any messages on the vehicle, and the numbers/lettering on the license plate too.

For a more details on contact with the dead read Roberta Grimes, "The Fun of Staying in Touch."

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