Ascension, The New Earth, and the Role of the Empath

The ascension is an evolutionary upgrade our planet and all of its inhabitants are experiencing. This leveling up is made possible by our solar system entering a section of the universe that holds more light. The Milky Way’s entry into this new section of the universe, coincides with the end of Pisces and the dawning of the new age, Aquarius. The age of Aquarius is characterized as a time of higher thought and ideals, a true cultural renaissance. On December 12th, 2012 Earth completed its ascension and transition to a new age and planet Earth migrated to a higher consciousness.

In this time, beings that are highly sensitive to energy began to be coded on with even higher sensitivities and intuitive abilities. Part of the lightworker community that was impacted by this shift were Empaths. During this time many Empaths began to receive messages through a natural sense of knowing, in the dream state, or other intuitive means. These changes helped Empaths to began making shifts in their lives to assist in completing their mission. The end goal for all Empaths, is to use their high energy to help transmute the lower levels that continue to drape our reality. When enough Empaths (as well as other lightworkers) are serving their role, the 5D/6D Earth that was made available on 12/12/12 can be realized. In this realm, their is pure love and unity. Unity consciousness is a state in which all of Humanity realizes everyone has an important part to play and we are all connected, like millions of specialized cells working together to make a functioning organ. When the Empath follows their spiritual call while maintaining a presence in their family, work, and social circles they help to eliminate the dense energy and uplevel others.

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