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Are you in line with your Personal Year Number?

A few months back I realized something very profound. Not only was I not okay but I was not going to be okay for quite a while. My revelation came after I had a seemingly alright day but I was still unwound, stressed, and angry. My daily demands as a caregiver, exhaustion from quarantine, uneasiness with impending changes, and managing my wellness was taking its tool on me .

My epiphany allowed my brain and common sense to be in sync with one another. I had to shut everything down and get some rest. What seems like something basic and very common sense was not easy for my overachieving personality to understand. I was pooling my energy in several different directions and distracting myself with my three faves: technology, food, and worry. After I shared this development with my therapist she honed in that 1) I needed longer sleeping hours and 2) my to do list could wait. (hence the pauses in my

My body craved sleep and rest, however as a mom I learned how to shut down this response in order to take care of my little ones.

Well not anymore.

These past few months have been all about self care and cleaning up house literally and figuratively. When I checked back and looked at the numerology report I constructed for myself, I realized that I was in a personal year of 7.


A personal year number is when you take the year we are in (2021=5) with your birth month and day (6/5= 11). When you add the year (5) with your birthday details in my case its a 11 or 2, my own personal year number came out to 7. A personal year number of seven year l(ike a 4 year) is all about consolidation. Letting go of what is not working and focusing on what is.

For me I am realizing that I am falling out of love with things I once enjoyed and as hard as it is ,it is okay to let go of activities I once enjoyed and focus on what brings me pleasure. Simply stated I think I am done with the major social media apps and I will focus my energies on my website and podcasting. I will still post to those sites but it will probably be through a third party app. I realized that my soul energy was being syphoned through these mediums and I needed to stop the process.




2021 (5) + JUNE 5TH (6+5/11 or 2) = 7

A Personal Year of 9 and 1 form major peaks. These are times where you are building growing and expanding. A Personal Year Number of 6 is a mini peak.

Trough years are years 4 and 7. Trough years are not necessarily bad years just consolidating and stabilizing years. They become trying years when you go against the current and seek major progress, hence why I was tired as heck and had to shut everything down.

Please be advised that your personal year numbers comes into effect once you reach your Age of Maturity. Your 'Age of Maturity' is the number 36 minus your Ruling Number (To get your ruling number add up all the numbers in your birthdate. The numbers can range from 1 through 11. There is a ruling number of 22 but that number consolidates to a 4). Your Age of Maturity is the age where your peak cycle begins.

Below is a brief description of the energy of each year. The descriptions are from ' The Complete Book of Numerology by David A Phillips'

The descriptions of the personal year will start with personal year 9, personal year 1, personal year 2, 3, and so forth.

Personal Year 9 - A Peak Year of Change

Ending of and old cycle and the beginning of a new one. PY9 can include travel, change of home and or job, the making of new and exciting friendships, termination of old friendships. Settling old debts and making peace with others. A strong sense of humanitarian responsibility, tolerance, and improved understanding will noticeably prevail during the year

Personal Year 1 - A Year of Adjustment

This year encourages you to be different as you improve in your self confidence and remove yourself from society’s limitations. This is a great year of breaking free of old habits. Powerful year for improving yourself financially and for selling on a wide scale (real estate, business interests and investments)

Personal Year 2 - A Spiritual Growth Year of Sharing

Spiritual development is the primary feature of this year with an enhanced awareness of life’s more subtle qualities. This is not a year of major change, the focus is on the development of emotional control, spiritual awareness and heightened intuition. Focus on developing the power of meditation. The body’s cellular alignment is restored to achieve the inner power we all want as our limitless energy reserve and our magnetic essence .

Personal Year 3 - A Mind Expansive Year

Intensified mental power that rounds your development. Under this vibration, your thinking and observing faculties are attuned to acute peak alertness. Mentally expand through an education course or extensive travel.

Personal Year 4 - A Consolidation Year

Rest and stability are key to regenerate and consolidate the previous five years growth. It is a year of squaring when everything is brought to a reckoning and the unwanted aspects are eliminated.

Personal Year 5 - A Year of Freedom

Spiritual and emotional factors are the common theme this year. Between last year’s trough and next year’s mini peak. This inspires freedom, generated by heightened psychic awareness and personal expression. It is possible with this energy to launch new careers or change your home by moving to a new country or away from city confinement.

Personal Year 6 - A Year of Creativity

This is a year to focus on the home and personal relationships. As for as relationships go many are either secured or released. Staying in a toxic relationship will make the year that more trying. It is important to realize the power of honesty, integrity, and a positive attitude.

Personal Year 7 - A Trough Year of Focus

A trough year of consolidation when no major change should be undertaken. Learn to intensely focus on previous years growth with a view to better understand your life. Avoid any major changes in financial or domestic affairs during this year. It is a stabilizing period as opposed to expansion. It is also a powerful teaching/sharing year.

Personal Year 8 - A Year of Independence and Focus

A year of rapid change, from the trough of last year to a steep rise toward your next peak and the start of a new cycle of growth and prosperity. Many new opportunities manifest under this vibration as you assert your independence with growing wisdom. Some of this can be a significant improvement in financial affairs. For the majority it’s heightened spiritual independence. Recognize emotional control and understand what you have achieved. More emphasis on living (acting) rather than existing (reacting).


The Complete Book of Numerology by David A Phillips

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