Adulting While Empath

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Modern day society was constructed with the majority mindset in mind and as an Empath you need to live an unconventional life in order to thrive. Empaths are hard wired to be in their heart, but as our society steers further from its nature; the Empath can feel dull, disconnected, and drained. One of the greatest challenges for all of us is to marry our gifts with our challenges. Adulting While Empath provides insight on four key areas of modern day living (relationships, corporate america, EMF's, and driving), their purpose, and tools to manage them.


Relationships are outward expressions of the Empath. When an Empath incarnates they ask for key experiences to help them evolve and fulfill their role as a lightworker. One of the primary ways Empaths up level is through their varied relationships and the challenges that they can bring.

Corporate America

An Empath's career is a finishing school for spiritual advancement. You attract what you are, so if you want a reflection of your spiritual self, see what work place you attract. Much like the Empath's relationships, corporate culture can provide a buffet of personalities that reveal the aspects of their self that need to be healed.


Electric and magnetic fields together are referred to as electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Natural EMFs include sunwaves while man-made EMFs can be found in radio waves and mobile phone radiation.

There are 4 Types of EMF Radiation

1. Magnetic Fields - Electrical current running through a wire, metal appliance, or the ground

2. AC Electric Fields - Voltage within 50 or 60 Hz AC of electrical wiring

3. Electromagnetic Interference (or EMI) - Can be found in dimmer switches, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs

4. Microwave Radiation - Common devices that use this type of artificial high frequency EMF's are: smart phones, cell phone towers, and wireless baby monitors

Some Signs of EMF injury include:

1. Headaches (tension or pressure on the sides of the head)

2. Insomnia/Sleep Disturbances

3. Tinnitus

4. Brain Fog

There is a lot of technology out there contributing to EMF pollution, but without a doubt one of the major EMF players are cell phones. Cell Phones are two way radios that should never be on the body (if you do not believe me check your smart's phone legal information concerning RF exposure)

One way to test if you are affected by EMF's is to go off the grid for a period of time. If the symptoms above cease, then it is a good inclination that you are affected to a degree by EMF's.


An Empath can feel an emotionally charged driver before they see them. In metropolitan areas, people are often triggered while driving which can lead to the Empath intuiting stressful emotions. Driving can also be a challenge when the collective energy is heightened. People tend to be more irritable on certain days of the week (Monday Mornings/Friday evenings), inclement weather, immediately before and after a long holiday, full moons, and major world events.

These experiences are not meant to torture the Empath, but bring them self awareness of their soul's progress.

For more insight in these four key areas as well as suggestions to navigate through them read the Adulting While Empath ebook for insight on mulitdimensional living in modern day society.

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