Adulting While Empath

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Modern day society was constructed with the majority mindset in mind and as an Empath you need to live an unconventional life in order to thrive. Empaths are hard wired to be in their heart, but as our society steers further from its nature; the Empath can feel dull, disconnected, and drained. One of the greatest challenges for all of us is to marry our gifts with our challenges. Adulting While Empath provides insight on four key areas of modern day living (relationships, corporate america, EMF's, and driving), their purpose, and tools to manage them.


Relationships are outward expressions of the Empath. When an Empath incarnates they ask for key experiences to help them evolve and fulfill their role as a lightworker. One of the primary ways Empaths up level is through their varied relationships and the challenges that they can bring.

Corporate America

An Empath's career is a finishing school for spiritual advancement. You attract what you are, so if you want a reflection of your spiritual self, see what work place you attract. Much like the Empath's relationships