5 Reasons We are Living in a Computer Simulation

Over the years I've had the suspicion that this world isn't what we think it is. Even before I began my full awakening, I had this hunch and thanks to modern technology I have come across some interesting concepts to further prove my theory that we might be living in some kids science experiment.

The Mandela Effect

The Mandela effect is a phenomenon where a group of people remember things differently than what our current reality shows. Some theories are that different timelines are merging. As an intuitive, this theory resonates as true but what I intuit is that our head programmer is changing the code on past events to improve the current timeline we are in. The following are the 5 Mandela effects that stand out the most to me:

  • Nelson Mandela dying in prison. The namesake of the Mandela effect goes to the event of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 90's. When I was about 8 or 9 years old I was watching the news and I clearly remembered the reporter say Nelson Mandela died in prison. Fast forward a few years later and he was the President of South Africa. I shook my head and dismissed my prior memory thinking I was incorrect but now I know better.

  • No more Arctic - In grade school I had a test that involved labeling the 7 continents. My strategy to ace it was to label all the continents with A’s first. The Arctic wasn’t a continent but I sometimes confused the polar opposites because they both started with the letter A and had similar names. In order to properly label it, I told myself the larger ice mass, Antarctica, had the longer name, where the smaller land mass has the shorter name (Arctic). Fast forward and I notice it is no longer there. Add to that, Greenland is bigger than what I remember as well. My husband argues that the Greenland size distortion is due to different maps of scale and I can give him that but even still it is bigger than what I remember (downright huge) and there is NO ARTIC

  • Queen We are the champions - When I saw Wayne’s World as a preteen it ignited my love affair with Queen. I had no idea they had so many hits and I bought their greatest hit cassette to hear their most popular songs . I as well as others remember Freddie Mercury belting out “Of the World” as the last line of the song but now it isn’t there anymore. In fact people say it never happened . I beg to differ.

  • Mirror Mirror - I remember the Queen saying Mirror Mirror on the wall not Magic Mirror. My childhood is being quietly rewritten SMH. Speaking of childhood that brings me to the last one

  • E) Mount Rushmore - I recall seeing just heads on the mountain. Just heads. Now Washington has a bust and Lincoln has what looks like a hand. Ummm. That was not there before! I don't remember that at all.

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics, dubbed the study of tiny things, leads a lot of credence that we are living in a hologram. At the tiniest level we are just empty space. If you were to take an atom and expand it to the size of a considerably large field, its nucleus would only be the size of a grain of sand. Everything else would be 'empty space'. But in actuality this empty space are electric fields of information. When these electrons come within a small distance of each other, they began to repel each other. Although our reality gives the appearance of objects touching it each othr and matter being solid, it is not. Rather these electrons are hovering over each at 10-8th centimeters.

Then there is the famous Double Slit Experiment. Physicists tried to determine if a given subatomic unit is a particle of matter or a wave of energy. So they devised experiments to look for one or the other. The more the physicists conducted their trials, the more they found that (1) particles of matter are actually waves of energy until they are observed, at which point they become particles of matter; (2) if physicists are looking for a wave of energy, then the wave remains a wave. Not only did the physicists own minds determine the results of their experiments, but their minds may actually be creating matter or energy at the instant that they make their observations.

Thoughts and Words Create Our Reality

Words and intention do have an impact on our reality. According to the Scale of Consciousness, developed by Dr. David Hawkins, the more negative the feeling and intent the lower the vibrations it emits. Fear, guilt, and shame are low on the scale, while love, joy, and peace vibrate higher.

Examples of belief impacting one's reality can be found in the Old Testament with the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who after refusing to worship a statue of King Nebuchadnezzar were thrown into a furnace so hot, that the flames burned up the men who threw them in. But, because of the three men's faith they came out the fire completely unharmed.

In 18th century France, a sect of Dutch influenced Catholics known as Jansenists used the power of their minds to endure a variety of physical tortures without harm. Such inflictions included: severe beatings, blows from both heavy and sharp objects, and strangulation.

As far as the power of our language, Dr. Masaru Emoto. discovered that water responds to emotions as well as words. Water exposed to loving thoughts, words, and even positive music (ie. John Lennon’s Imagine) showed brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, water that was exposed to negative thoughts, formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns that were less vibrant.

It appears throughout history and amongst a varied amount of cultures, man figured out a way to bypass a code in order to manipulate their reality. Today scientists are studying this mind bending ability in labs today.

Gate of the Gods at Hayu Maca, Peru

In 1998 Jerry Wills, a native Phoenix man, went to Hayu Marca, Peru with his newlywed wife to visit the Doorway of the Gods, a 23 foot high rock that literally looks like a door in a rock. The local culture calls it the doorway to another world and say it was made by the gods to be a portal between worlds. Jerry studied the Amaru culture and learned from his Amaru guide the precise way to make contact with the door. The shaman shared the specific sound frequencies as well as the correct body position to "open the door".

After several chants and retaining the same position, his wife saw him dematerialize before her eyes. From there, Jerry said that he found himself in a laboratory. His body was unable to move as it was being held down by some force or material he could not describe. As he was in this cold room a male scientist told him that he was in another world outside of his universe. The scientist explained that in their world they were curious on the nature of the universe. So, they tried to recreate a model of it. They did so by colliding particles and from this a spark occurred, grew, and began accumulating more of itself on its own. The growth of our universe is so fast that the scientists are concerned how our growth will impact their universe. What's even more astounding is that the scientist's revealed their universe is inside another one too. So the layers are deep.

This blew me away because this concept is straight out of The Simpson's episode where Lisa creates life from a spark from her finger. Within minutes and less then a day her created world went from stone age to futuristic The Simpsons have always been great at predictive programming but this one really stood out to me.


There are coincidences and then there are coincidences on steroids, as after life researcher Roberta Grimes describes. One of the more common synchroncities are repeating numbers. Math is the language of the universe. As such the system we are in prefers using number codes to get our attention, especially when looking at the time. If you see 111, 222, 333, 444,555, 1010,1111, and 1212 often take note. The odds of you looking at the clock and seeing numbers that match is .55%. Also if you keep on seeing the numbers that make up your birthday take note of that too.

History and modern day revelations are showing us that there is something truly mysterious about our world. There is a mystery that the ancients and wise cultures have already known that today's man is just now uncovering. I will def be exploring this topic again as more proof comes to light.

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