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3 Signs You are a Lightworker

Lightworkers have incarnated on this planet at this time to help wake up humanity. Whether they are aware of it or not their presence brings the must needed energy into whatever space they enter to help transmute low vibes, spread love, and heal those they come in contact with.

Before a lightworker incarnates, they will insert breadcrumbs along the way to remind them of their mission. If a lightworker is currently experiencing their awakening or on the precipice of having one they may encounter these three scenarios, that will force them to look deeply within themselves and own their path.

Btw empaths are natural lightworkers.

  1. Instant Karma - Have you ever done something you know you weren’t supposed to do and instantly had that energy returned back to you? Well that is a gentle reminder from your angels, guides, and other inter-dimensional beings that you need to do better. There was one time I posted a video of a girl falling on her graduation that I thought was funny and then later on that day my son head butted me in the mouth. Let’s just say I got the point. Sure there are going to be things that we witness that may make us chuckle but don't fan the flames. Observe, extinguish, and carry on. We are here to exemplify the behavior that should be modeled not perpertuate the negativity.

  2. Resonance - Heard a song that touched your soul in a profound way, Do you have an infinity for ancient cultures and traditions, have a feeling that there is something to past lives, angels, and other metaphysical topics despite it potentially going against your childhood beliefs? This unexplainable connection and feeling is a gentle reminder for your soul to life’s deeper mysteries. These clues were installed by you and our creator to remind you of your higher purpose.

  3. No tolerance for low vibes Been around someone whose mere presence stole your energy and left you disorientated? Well that is your team letting you know that you need to watch who you surround yourself with. Low vibrational influences wreak havoc on your energy and physical bodies. This is your team’s not so subtle reminder to remove what doesn't work and surround yourself with good vibes so you can function and thrive.

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