3 Important Lessons I learned from my Dark Night of the Soul

Empaths and all other lightworkers are earmarked to have a powerful spiritual transformation in their lifestream. This poignant mystical journey is the necessary bridge Empaths must cross to enter their new world. This spiritual awakening is loaded with many highs, lows, and necessary revelations.

A good way to describe the Empath journey upon awakening can be taken from the hero's journey template.

The hero's journey is a template used in widely popular storytelling (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Matrix, etc) that chronicles a seemingly ordinary person becoming a hero(ine), by leaving their ordinary life and embarking on an adventure. Along the way they partner with friends and mentors, experience extreme trials and tribulations that leads to the death of their old self and the birth of the new. At the conclusion of the lightworker's journey they eventually return to their home as the new and improved version of themself. A key aspect of the hero's journey is the death of their old self. This death is a figurative and powerful point for the Empath to re-emerge as a polished diamond after surviving a highly pressurized environment.

For months, I was in an intensive endurance course putting together all the lessons my soul needed to master in order to level up. I can tell you right now that I didn’t appreciate it then, but on the other side I am thankful and grateful to be where I am now. The following are 3 lessons I learned from my most recent dark night.

Self Mastery

My dark night was the period I needed to rid myself of practices that were keeping me in a holding period. My low vibe diet, obsession with my physical appearance, and holding on to other toxic emotions were keeping me in a dense and stuck place. In order for my body vehicle to hold more light and serve my soul contract I needed to let go of old practices and release the pain that kept me stuck. In almost all hero journey's tales the breakthrough comes in the darkest and most challenging hour and for me that was certainly the case. By accepting my new contract, learning to love myself in the now, and seeking help from others enabled me to have refuge in a storm.


When your energy fields are being inundated you cannot run at the pace you used to. In order to survive, I had to go on autopilot and coast. That meant working out minimally and spending any free time alone or sleeping to recharge my batteries. All of this down time allowed me too...

Develop my own voice

As I shed layers that no longer resonated, more of my true self emerged. I could not rely on outside sources to affirm my self esteem. Rather I had to walk alone and find my own way. As a result, I now have a stronger connection with my spiritual team and more defined gifts.

For all of us embarking on a spiritual journey we need to realize that as we walk towards our light, the shadow side of us will grow equally as strong. Our shadow is a necessary part of our spiritual journey and Dark Nights Of The Soul serves as a necessary purging period. Amidst all of the spiritual growth must come some pruning. Embracing the shadow becomes an issue when action and growth become the only acceptable option in a period where rest and consolidation are needed. Having this unrealistic expectation can be the set up for future challenges and frustrations.

In order to better embrace the dark night, one must become an embodier of divine neutrality. This means taking a centered path that is not trying to escape through spirituality or only being focused on acquiring things through control, perceived power, and manipulation. Rather Empaths must play their role as parents, business professionals, healers, thespians, and so forth by infusing their light in their circles while still being authentically themselves.

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