2020 Empath Energies

A Year of Focus and Concentration

Beginning in August and culminating in November and December of 2019, many Empaths were pushed out of their comfort zone with extreme changes to their lifestyle. This manifested with the end of certain relationship contracts, a strong push to change dietary lifestyles, moving , job changes, or a manifestation of physical issues.

The reason for this urgent and often painful change is to properly set Empaths, sensitives, and all other light workers on the higher trajectory of 5D/6D. In this high vibe timeline a certain way of life needs to be embodied in order to set up residency. This cannot be achieved if you are engaging with people who ultimately do not have your best interest, eating food that clogs your spiritual pores, or living in a area that disconnects you from your soul, spirit, and purpose. Rather your benevolent team has set forth certain events to help guide you to the proper timeline and remove things from your life.

Empaths and light-workers are geared towards the higher trajectory, so events are occurring at a rapid pace to get Empaths on the right track. Remember there two sides to the coin, the light and the shadow. As you walk towards the light your shadow will grow at the same rate. To keep on task you need to embody the Christ Consciousness (this doesn't refer to Jesus Christ). Christ Consciousness represents service to humanity that doesn't involve escaping through your spirituality or solely focusing on material wealth but taking a middle path of the two sides (spirituality and materiality).

2020 calls for your focus and concentration to build the foundations that seeded in your mind the year prior. That means if you were called to learn a new skill you need to stay the course to complete it. If you were called to shift your eating, continue to do so, get an accountability partner and do not look back. If you moved continue cementing your mark in your new geographical location.

In 2020 finish what you started and continue to focus on what's working.

2020 Numerology

2020 has a world year number of 4 (2+0+2+0 =4) A four year is considered a trough year, where great consolidation and trimming occurs. A trough year is not necessarily bad, however it becomes a trying year when you go against the current and seek major progress. Rest and stability is necessary to regenerate and consolidate the previous years development. Focus on squaring off all outstanding items on your to do list and remove anything that is unhealthy to your development.

On a worldwide scale there will be more consolidation happening on all landscapes (political, financial, and technology). Light-workers must continue to use their energy to cement good vibes and healing energy to all influential figures so that they use their power for the highest good for all.

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