10 Everyday Empath Problems

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Empaths can encounter triggers almost anywhere they go. Below are a few instances that may put your senses on alert.

Getting through the checkout line

Automation has made check out lanes less daunting with the popularity of self checkout. However, the Empath can still intuit rushing, EMF's, and the energy of the store associates monitoring the area. When it comes to the more traditional checkout lanes, you are getting lots more information from the store clerks and the customers around you. Best of luck if a price check is needed, as this unexpected backlog can elevate anyone affected by the wait. To protect yourself create an energy bubble or recite Ho'oponopono to recenter.

Watching an intense sporting game

The emotions of a game can run all over the place, and the more people invested in the outcome can bring the Empath's emotional level to a tipping point. If you are deeply affected by the game take as many breaks as needed by stepping away or visiting the concession stand.

Parking in a busy store lot

People always seem to be in a hurry when entering and exiting a parking area. It's in an Empath's best interest to park away from the masses. If your health is good, park at the end of the lot (close to the exits) and enjoy the extra steps.

Dropping off or picking up kids from school

Parents, guardians, and all caretakers alike are all too familiar with the intense 5 day a week commuting grind. You have to get to the school, park, and get your little one through the school door. As w