The Purpose of the Empath

Empaths have come in great force to Earth at this time to infuse higher light codes on the planet. Their divine purpose is to anchor in these energies in whatever role they are playing right now: activist, parent, artist, first responder, corporate executive, etc. to help the planet and its inhabitants transition to a higher consciousness. They fulfill their Earth contract by being true to themselves, while holding the highest integrity possible in everything they do. Empaths

What is an Empath?

Empaths are beings who intuit non local information. Their ability to detect information and take on these energies make them extremely vulnerable to the up and down emotions of those around them. Special care must be given in their life for them to thrive. As such they need information and protection when it comes to interacting in the day to day world where most of its inhabitants (about 80% of the population) do not have this ability. In addition to being highly sensitive