Releasing Empath Rage

Empath rage is the result of intuiting the anger from another source and it becoming your own. This sudden onset of emotions can leave you feeling like Bruce Banner trying to quell the appearance of The Incredible Hulk. Rapidly intuiting the unwanted emotions from others is one of the unpleasant side effects of being an Empath. Not to mention it is just unfair, as you have to be the energy manager for yourself, other individuals, and the collective. Nevertheless, you must em

The Intuitive Empath

Intuitive Empaths are psychics with a dominant mental ability to FEEL the information around them with a very important role.

Ascension, The New Earth, and the Role of the Empath

The ascension is an evolutionary upgrade our planet and all of its inhabitants are experiencing. This leveling up is made possible by our solar system entering a section of the universe that holds more light. The Milky Way’s entry into this new section of the universe, coincides with the end of Pisces and the dawning of the new age, Aquarius. The age of Aquarius is characterized as a time of higher thought and ideals, a true cultural renaissance. On December 12th, 2012 Earth

July Empath Light Intel

This month many mirrors will present itself as a final push to reset and cleanse your mind, body, and soul for your next leveling up. Focus on cleaning up low vibrational habits and activities (such as low thought forms, out of control spending, and outdated dietary practices) to match the higher 5D/6D frequency. Empaths and other lightworkers are already pre set to the 5D/6D timeline. However, habits acquired in your very HUman earthly experience can prevent a complete merge

April Empath Light Intel

Monthly Lesson - 'Soul Renewal' "You are being asked to cocoon yourself to assist with the next stages of your evolution. April is a month of new beginnings. Allow nature to assist in your spiritual rebirth by purging outdated aspects of yourself. Work on cleansing the body vehicle of any dense energies be it past traumas, family wounding, eating habits, and entertainment programming. The key is to bridge the gap of your 3D body to a 5D one. This will allow you to hold more l

How to Survive in an Empath Unfriendly Environment

At some point in your life, you may find yourself in a temporary situation that may feel like an eternity to your soul. This dark period in your life, is the necessary shadow work for your soul to evolve and grow. This may not be something you want to hear, but all of these experiences have a grand design. Whether it’s your work place, a living situation, or a relationship (be it romantic or platonic); your presence may be the necessary light to anchor in the higher frequenci

3 Awkward Empath Moments

There are times where feeling everything around you has its mute points. Below are just a few scenarios that can feel super uncomfortable to an Empath. HAVING A SUPERIOR THAT DOES NOT LIKE YOU At some point in your academic or professional career you may come across a boss or educator that just does not like you. Empaths can come across their energetic polar opposite at work, school, or other places of constant contact. Such an encounter may cause you to instantly freeze arou

Empath Protection and Release Techniques

Just as you have a daily hygiene regimen, it is equally important for an Empath to have a spiritual protection practice. Empaths are ambassadors of light. As such your body and spirit is sensitive to dense, dark, and all other unwanted energies. As you deepen your awareness of self, you will need your own personal toolkit to use for daily protection and in the event of an energetic attack. Below are some practical and spiritual exercises to calm your nerves and bring things b

The 7 Types of Empaths

I encourage all empaths to read Judith Orloff's book The Empath Survival Guide. It is an essential read for not just empaths but all sensitives alike. One of the many informative areas covered in her book were the 7 types of empaths as summarized below. 1. Telepathic Empaths - T.E.'s read what is happening with others in present time. Even unexpressed thoughts and feelings. 2. Precognitive Empaths - Have premonitions about the future even while they’re awake or in their drea

10 Ways Empaths Can Enhance Their Intuition

As an empath you were born psychic as you intuit energy by feeling the information around you. If you choose to, over time you can activate your other abilities too. Following the suggestions below can help you reclaim your gifts by setting the necessary foundation for you to be a channel of positive source energy. Wakeup early - Empaths can feel the energy of living beings around them. When the rest of the world is asleep, is the empaths opportunity to revitalize their energ

The Purpose of the Empath

Empaths have come in great force to Earth at this time to infuse higher light codes on the planet. Their divine purpose is to anchor in these energies in whatever role they are playing right now: activist, parent, artist, first responder, corporate executive, etc. to help the planet and its inhabitants transition to a higher consciousness. They fulfill their Earth contract by being true to themselves, while holding the highest integrity possible in everything they do. Empaths

The Transitional Empath and the Shared Death Experience

The shared death experience is a phenomenon where the living intuits the impending death of someone they are close to. The person that is experiencing these sympathy pains can feel the manner in which the soon to be deceased will pass for days, weeks, and even a month before the death occurs. If you are an empath and have this experience then you are a transitional empath. The shared death experiencer can intuit pains in the body, shortness of breath, imbalance, flightiness,