Before I was a psychic and before I was a medium I was ALWAYS an empath. It was an ability that I always possessed but didn’t know what it was and even labeled my sensitivity as a weakness. With time and divine intervention I was able to see the value of my gift and evolve it in ways I only dreamt possible. 

Empaths are quantum entangled with source energy. Not only do we detect non local information, but we have the ability to anchor in higher frequencies to solidify the higher timelines which will create the New Earth. Although many empaths prefer not to go out in the open and emit these energies, it is our soul contract to do so. The best way to complete your mission is to be empowered with your abilities and know what to do with it. 


Before I was living authentically, I had a life that was good on paper but dysfunctional at its core. Although it gave the outward appearance of success (6 figure job, corner office, marriage, and beautiful children) inwardly my soul was breaking as I was not heeding the call of my heart.  

In life when we do not listen to our inner voice, events began to happen in our lives to align us with our destiny. For me this alignment came in two important transitions, life and death. With the death of my brother and birth of my children doors that were once closed inside of me began to open unexpectedly and all once. Synchronicities, mediumship/psychic abilities, and galactic communication became the norm for me, my family, and close friends. 

As I began to devalue the things I once coveted, new amazing opportunities came into my life. Within two years I was living a life unrecognizable to my former workaholic self that was now in direct alignment with my soul mission. 

I am in no way saying that you need to leave your job or give up your material possessions in order to embrace your life purpose. Many find great enjoyment and fulfillment in what they do and take pride in what they have acquired. In fact, it is in an Empath's soul contract to anchor in these higher frequencies at their jobs, social circles, and family tree.

However, for my life stream giving up my corporate job was a necessary step, and for you your journey into self mastery will take on its own unique shape as we are all our own filter of Christ consciousness. 

For a deep dive into the mystery of your soul, the universe, and your unique contribution to society follow The Intuitive Empath for greater insight and understanding of your multidimensional self.  


  • Empath Education

  • Galactic Communication

  • Psychic Readings

  • Mediumship

  • Numerology

  • Past Life Readings


  • ​Advanced Mentorship Program ~ Sedona Soul Sisters Sept 2018 through February 2019

  • Introductory Intuitive Development Program ~ Guiding Echoes September 2017

  • Certified Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner ~ The Reconnection July 2017

  • Finance Manager at Salvatore Ferragamo 2007 to 2018 

  • Manager of Capital Projects ~ Macy's East 2003 to 2007

  • Bachelors of Business Administration ~ University of Notre Dame, May 2003